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we will re­lease the name— which we be­lieve is right for the car— when we are ready to re­lease the car,’’ Gor­such says .

‘‘ We have lots of work­ing ti­tles that we use. And we tend to use al­pha-nu­meric work­ing ti­tles and also al­pha-nu­meric names.’’

How­ever he can’t deny P1 would be both an emo­tive and a log­i­cal pos­si­bil­ity. ‘‘ Well, part of ourDNA is that we want to win,’’ he said.

Gor­such says the pro­duc­tion run of the P12 will be lim­ited to the de­mands of mar­ket re­sponse and be­spoke build times. ‘‘ We are be­ing de­lib­er­ately vague, be­cause what we don’t want to do is say there will be 200 cars and then have 250 peo­ple who want it and they’re the right peo­ple,’’ he says.

‘‘ We don’t want to an­noy 50 peo­ple by not build­ing them cars, or build an ex­tra 50 and an­noy 200 peo­ple who were told it was just 200. But it will def­i­nitely be no more that 500 cars for the world.

‘‘ That’s not to say that ev­ery­one who wants one will get one, be­cause we have a very lim­ited build win­dow. There are other com­pli­ca­tions be­cause this is a unique be­spoke car so some might take longer to build than oth­ers, de­pend­ing on what the cus­tomers spec­ify.’’

Gor­such says the Paris show car will be an ‘‘ ex­treme ex­am­ple’’ of McLaren’s ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy, built on the monocell rolling chas­sis un­der­pin­ning the MP4-12C, 12C Spi­der and one-off X-1 con­cept un­veiled at the re­cent Peb­ble Beach Con­cours d’El­e­gance, sport­ing the sig­na­ture di­he­dral but­ter­fly doors and pow­ered by the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8— al­though it may get a higher de­gree of tune.

‘‘ We are not re­veal­ing the power yet, but we don’t get into the game of com­pet­ing on num­bers,’’ Gor­such says.

‘‘ This is go­ing to be ex­treme in tech­nol­ogy: how it de­liv­ers power, how it han­dles. Tech­nol­ogy is de­liv­er­ing per­for­mance with fi­nesse.’’

Gor­such says McLaren’s team is well-equipped for that de­liv­ery. ‘‘ Be­cause we have our own wind tun­nel, some of the world’s best aero­dy­nam­i­cists and one of the world’s most so­phis­ti­cated sim­u­la­tors, we can use all of this tech­nol­ogy to cre­ate ul­ti­mates in au­to­mo­tive engi­neer­ing.

‘‘ What is be­ing shown in Paris is just a won­der­ful ex­treme ex­am­ple of how we can do this. One of our en­gi­neers said, ‘ Ev­ery mol­e­cule of air that touches this car has a job to do’.’’

How­ever Gor­such says the P12 doesn’t re­sort to bizarre de­sign for the sake of at­ten­tion. ‘‘ We wouldn’t build ex­treme looks just to be ex­treme,’’ he says.

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