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Our busi­ness has just bought two new man­ual Toy­ota HiLux Work­mate utes and had Toy­ota put cruise con­trol on them. But the cruise ap­pears to dis­en­gage over bumps or un­der loads on both ve­hi­cles. The dealer told us that this was ac­cept­able be­cause the cruise is not stan­dard in Work­mates. The sales­man who sold us the utes said that they were Toy­ota parts but fit­ted af­ter-mar­ket. Af­ter hav­ing other cars with cruise, this just doesn’t seem cor­rect. Can we go any fur­ther with this prob­lem or do we just have to put up with it? It is very an­noy­ing. Dar­lingDown­sJoin­ery, email

No, you don’t have to put up with it. It shouldn’t be dis­en­gag­ing sim­ply when you drive over a bump or sim­i­lar. There is some­thing wrong with it. Take it back. FATAL IN­JEC­TORS The engine in my 2007 Mit­subishi Tri­ton is cut­ting out, us­ing a lot of fuel and run­ning rough. A diesel spe­cial­ist said that the fuel re­turn was blocked but my re­pairer ad­vised me that it would cost $700 per in­jec­tor to fix it by fit­ting new in­jec­tors. Could you please shed some light on what might have caused the prob­lem?

JimW, email The in­jec­tors used in all Ja­panese com­mon-rail diesels wear and that’s likely to be your prob­lem. The only course of ac­tion is to re­place them, as you have been ad­vised. EL­BOW GREASE I am­think­ing of hav­ing the Crys­tal Glaze Paint pro­tec­tion ap­plied to my new Holden Cruze. Hav­ing wit­nessed the lac­quer fin­ish peel off on old cars has made me think twice. Would you rec­om­mend it?

LC, email No. The best way to take care of your paint is to keep it clean by reg­u­lar wash­ing, only us­ing de­ter­gent when it’s very dirty, and reg­u­lar pol­ish­ing. HALT­ING PROGRESS I just got my 2010 Holden Cruze ser­viced and the ser­vice peo­ple said it needed new front brake

In­jec­tor is­sue: Sort­ing out the com­mon rail fuel de­liv­ery on a Mit­subishi Tri­ton will cost $700 per in­jec­tor

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