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My 2008 Hyundai i30 has a prob­lem with AM ra­dio re­cep­tion, which is patchy and badly af­fected by lo­ca­tion and weather. Ear­lier this year my dealer re­placed the am­pli­fier un­der war­ranty but the re­cep­tion hasn’t im­proved. I have re­turned the car to the dealer and dis­cussed op­tions but the prob­lem seems to be with the Hyundai ra­dios. What can I do?

SueFen­nell, email We have had an­other Hyundai owner contact us with the same prob­lem and Hyundai, to its credit, even­tu­ally fixed the prob­lem by fit­ting an­other an­tenna. Go back to your dealer and ask that they do the same for you. SER­VICE, PLEASE The 2009 Hyundai i30 au­to­matic wagon I re­cently bought has a cou­ple of gear­box prob­lems. It changes from sec­ond to first with a very no­tice­able clunk, and the mo­tor revs out when chang­ing from sec­ond to third and from third to fourth, al­though the changes are smooth. Two me­chan­ics have told me that only Hyundai can fix the prob­lems, as it is a soft­ware is­sue. Fur­ther ad­vice is that not all Hyundai deal­ers can up­date the soft­ware and I could waste a lot of money just get­ting the gear­box ser­viced. The prob­lem was noted at 30,000km, but noth­ing was found, and the car has now done 45,000km. Can you please ad­vise me where to take the ve­hi­cle to get it ser­viced and the soft­ware up­date done?

DonWalker, email If you want the prob­lem fixed un­der war­ranty you will have to go to a Hyundai deal­er­ship. Go to a big deal­er­ship, which should be able to do the job for you. If you are not con­fi­dent, phone Hyundai and ask for a list of deal­ers who can do it for you. HIGHONOIL How much ‘‘Alpine blend’’ diesel should I put in the tank to pre­vent the fuel freez­ing overnight if I visit the snow­fields? Christo­pher Cheah, email The best thing to do is to leave your re­fu­elling un­til just be­fore you en­ter the alpine area and then top your tank up with the Alpine fuel. That way you will have enough on board for your time in the snow. CLEAN RUN­NING I re­cently filled my Alfa 159 diesel with Cal­tex Pre­mium Diesel, which I be­lieve only has a de­ter­gent to clean fuel lines, in­jec­tors etc but I swear af­ter two days the car is run­ning bet­ter. The small amount of turbo lag it had seems to have gone and it seems to ac­cel­er­ate bet­ter. Is that some­thing you would agree, or is it my brain play­ing tricks on me?

Terry Bus­combe, email Pre­mium diesel does have a de­ter­gent in it to clean the fuel sys­tem, which could be why you are feel­ing an im­prove­ment in its run­ning. SSANGYONG BLUE My 2010 Ssangyong Ac­tyon sports ute of­ten suf­fers a loss of power while driv­ing, which can be dan­ger­ous if it hap­pens while over­tak­ing. A dealer re­placed the brake light switch, which seemed to im­prove it, but didn’t fix it. The dealer checked it but could not find a prob­lem. Shouldn’t they be able to put them on a com­puter that di­ag­noses the fault? What can I do to make them hon­our their war­ranty or can they just stall un­til it ex­pires?

Greg Hef­fer­nan, email They can, and I am con­fi­dent that they have had it on the com­puter, but they can only iden­tify prob­lems that ex­ist when the car is put on the ma­chine. Yours is in­ter­mit­tent, so might not be ev­i­dent at the time the car is tested. It’s most likely a faulty engine sen­sor that is only oc­ca­sion­ally play­ing up. ICC NOT CRICKET I have now owned my Ford Ter­ri­tory Ti­ta­nium for more than 12 months and I’m still ex­pe­ri­enc­ing is­sues with the

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