Thirsty jazz hits sour note

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I have a 2012 1.3-litre Honda Jazz Vibe that is us­ing 10.0L/100km. This com­pares to the 5.0L/100km I got from my pre­vi­ous Jazz. The Honda peo­ple stated that it might im­prove af­ter 5000km6000km and sug­gested us­ing pre­mium un­leaded for a short pe­riod. If this doesn’t im­prove fuel con­sump­tion they sug­gest re­set­ting sen­sors. Have you heard of this prob­lem?

John, email Not specif­i­cally but the peo­ple who told you that it might im­prove af­ter 5000km-odd are hav­ing a lend of you. And us­ing pre­mium for a short pe­riod? Give me a break. Take the car back and de­mand they fix it. Honda claims it will do 6.6L/100km and, while the pub­lished fuel con­sump­tion is for com­par­i­son pur­poses, the real-life re­sult should be close to that fig­ure. Yours is way off the mark. Some­thing is wrong with it.

Bad Vibe: A Honda Jazz should re­turn nearer 6.0L/100km than 10L

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