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Cars­guide seems to have de­scended to the depths of be­ing a paid mouth­piece for Toy­ota. The ar­ti­cle on the buy­back scheme was the last straw. This was an un­ac­knowl­edged ad­ver­tise­ment, pure and sim­ple. I have no prob­lems read­ing ads, as long as I know that they are ads and not ads dis­guised as opin­ion. The new Corolla is not the bee’s knees you claim. It is not as good-look­ing as main com­peti­tors Holden Cruze or Mazda3, it does noth­ing bet­ter than ei­ther of them and its main claim to fame seems to be that it now has com­fort­able front seats. Whoopee, so did my Re­nault 8 and Peu­geot 504, 40 years ago. Can we please have road tests that tell it like it is? Whether the Toy­ota bias is in­ten­tional or not, can we please call a spade a shovel or, in the Camry’s case, a house brick a s---box?

Ge­off Car­ruthers, email

Guar­an­teed buy­back is a big deal and will be copied, just as Toy­ota’s ini­tia­tive on capped-price ser­vic­ing is be­ing em­u­lated. As for the Corolla, even the out­go­ing model beats the Cruze and Mazda3 for quiet­ness and re­fine­ment, and the new one is bet­ter still. We’ve never said it is the bee’s knees— that’s the sev­en­th­gen­er­a­tion Volk­swa­gen Golf we re­cently drove in Europe. KEY IS­SUE I My daugh­ter came home from work and said the re­mote key to her BMW had died. She was told she would need to get a new one and that would be $1000. Does that sound right to you?

Dale Houghton, email KEY IS­SUE II You have men­tioned re­cently that re­mote keys can be re­placed through some out­lets that aren’t as ex­pen­sive as go­ing through the deal­ers. Would you please be able to let me know where they are lo­cated in Mel­bourne? My key, which is 14 years old, has just stopped work­ing.

Ross Fletcher, email Lots of those lit­tle key­cut­ting shops can now do re­place­ment keys for most brands that use re­mote cen­tral lock­ing. In our ex­pe­ri­ence, they are al­most al­ways less than $100 and that’s way cheaper than a fac­tory orig­i­nal. BEEMER BECK­ONS We have a Honda MDX and are look­ing to re­place it. I’m look­ing at a BMW X5, Land Rover Se­ries 4 Dis­cov­ery diesel or Lexus RX450. Any thoughts on which is a bet­ter ve­hi­cle? We do not do any se­ri­ous off-road­ing.

Bernie Mee­han, email We’d go with the X5, by a fair mar­gin. CIVIC CAVEAT I re­cently bought a new Honda Civic hatch VTi-L from a Honda dealer in Mel­bourne. I took de­liv­ery on Oc­to­ber 10 and the price was just un­der $34,000. I checked the Honda web­site yes­ter­day and found the price for the same ve­hi­cle had dropped to $29,394 drive-away. Be­fore I tackle Honda about this price re­duc­tion, I thought I would first ask your ad­vice.

Vince Mar­zolo, email Sorry, but it’s not good news. Honda spokes­woman Melissa Cross says: ‘‘ The re­cent price repo­si­tion­ing brings hatch in line with sedan. From time to time, cam­paigns and of­fers in the mar­ket change and it’s al­ways our goal to min­imise the im­pact of change on our cus­tomers.’’

IN AC­CORD I would ap­pre­ci­ate your opin­ion of the lat­est 2012 Toy­ota Aurion Pre­sara. I am look­ing for a lux­u­ri­ous, safe, re­li­able, large car that also has a very quiet en­gine.

Ossie, email

The Aurion is the pa­tri­otic choice and a pretty fair car, but don’t com­mit un­til you try the Honda Ac­cord V6, which is even more re­fined in the en­gine room. T FORTWO My par­ents are af­ter an au­to­matic medium-size car for sub­ur­ban driv­ing and oc­ca­sional road trips. They are stuck af­ter look­ing at the Toy­ota Corolla 2013, Mazda3, Hyundai i30 and Honda Civic 1.8. Is there a car that you rec­om­mend above the rest?

Laura Piu, email The new Corolla is the best car on their list but the i30 is also very good and a great­value choice.

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