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We took de­liv­ery of five Mit­subishi Tri­ton dual-cab utes with dealer-fit­ted trays in Jan­uary. When fully loaded all are un­der the rec­om­mended axle and GVM as stated in the Mit­subishi hand­book. The weight is car­ried for­ward of the rear axle against the front of the tray. The heav­i­est grosses 1080kg over the front axle, 1480kg over the rear and Mit­subishi’s rec­om­mended max­i­mum GVW is 2900kg. The rear springs have sagged so badly they have only 30mm clear­ance to the axle bump stop. The dealer we re­ported it to brushed it off but we have been told by a sus­pen­sion ex­pert this is a com­mon prob­lem with this model and that they would re­set the springs and add ex­tra leaves at a cost of $500 per ve­hi­cle. The con­cern we have in do­ing that is we would be al­ter­ing the ve­hi­cle from the man­u­fac­turer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions and might void the war­ranty. We have a mix of Toy­ota, Mazda and Mit­subishi utes, nine in to­tal, all the same con­fig­u­ra­tion and do­ing the same work, but only the Mit­subishis have this prob­lem. What obli­ga­tion does Mit­subishi have to re­pair them? What should we do from here to have the prob­lem re­solved?

Lindsay Whe­lan, email We asked Mit­subishi to in­ves­ti­gate the prob­lem and es­tab­lish what is go­ing on and their ini­tial ad­vice was it

‘‘ sounds weird and should be checked’’ and that you should con­tact your near­est dealer. De­pend­ing on the out­come, you might be able to take it fur­ther with the com­pany.


When park­ing my 2003 Volvo S60 in a for­est it sud­denly ac­cel­er­ated for­ward, over the log placed there to stop ve­hi­cles. As I drove into the park­ing spot my foot was on the brake, the car slowed and I was close to turn­ing off the en­gine. I re­mem­ber hold­ing tightly to the steer­ing wheel as the car ac­cel­er­ated and I am cer­tain I did not have my foot on the ac­cel­er­a­tor. I had no rea­son to ac­cel­er­ate in that sit­u­a­tion. What caused this in­ci­dent?

Win­nie Huang, email It is hard to say what went wrong at the time but the only thing you can do is to have the ve­hi­cle checked by a me­chanic to en­sure the ac­cel­er­a­tor is work­ing cor­rectly and that there is noth­ing un­der the pedal that might have caused it to jam. Volvo re­called S60s in the US when they had ac­cel­er­a­tor prob­lems, with the rec­om­men­da­tion to check the throt­tle po­si­tion sen­sor and clean the throt­tle body.

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