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Since buy­ing my Nis­san X-Trail new in 2008 I have had is­sues with the fuel gauge not read­ing ac­cu­rately, which I have men­tioned at most ser­vices. The dealer has re­placed fuel senders two or three times and has also man­u­ally ad­justed the fuel floats. This worked in the short term, only for it to be an is­sue at the next ser­vice. The car is now out of war­ranty and I still have the prob­lem. I have spo­ken with the deal­ers and with Nis­san cus­tomer ser­vice about a ‘‘good­will claim’’ and have just been told that the car is too old to be con­sid­ered. Any ideas on how to deal with the prob­lem or ap­proach Nis­san for a re­pair? An­drewAld­ham, email Com­pile a his­tory of the prob­lem, in­clud­ing the times you re­ported it to your dealer and what they did to fix it, as well as the out­come, and take it to your dealer to for­ward to Nis­san. For­get about what Nis­san has told you. A prob­lem that you re­ported while the car was still un­der war­ranty hasn’t been fixed. LIGHT RE­LIEF The ABS and ESP light on the dash­board of my 2006 Hyundai Sonata ap­pears when I’m driv­ing and it doesn’t go off un­til I stop the car. This is a real worry for me. Could you please help me out?

Ee­sha, email Restart­ing the car has the ef­fect of re­boot­ing the com­puter. That’s why the lights go out. You need to have it checked to find the cause. It’s pos­si­bly a poor con­nec­tion in the wiring loom or per­haps a faulty wheel sen­sor. EN­GINE KNOCK I have bought a 2002 VX Calais Se­ries II 5.7 Gen III V8. Any prob­lems with this model?

Glenn Shaw, email The main things to be aware of are the start-up knock in the en­gine, which plagued the Gen III. There is also a rear sus­pen­sion clunk due to worn bushes, and rear tyre wear. BRAKE SHUD­DER For about six months I have ex­pe­ri­enced what I thought was brake shud­der in my 2008 Toy­ota Prado GXL 3.0-litre turbo diesel. It was par­tic­u­larly ev­i­dent when de­scend­ing a hill. I was ad­vised to re­place the ro­tors

War­rant­ing at­ten­tion: Nis­san X-Trail prob­lem should be fixed

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