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I am­con­cerned about the amount of fuel my 2011 Nis­san Navara diesel is con­sum­ing. It’s stick­ered val­ues are 7.5L, 9.0L and 11.7 L/100km for ex­trau­r­ban, com­bined and ur­ban driv­ing con­di­tions re­spec­tively but the best I have been able to achieve has been 10.9L/100km on a long trip down the high­way with cruise con­trol set at 100km/h. I no­ti­fied the dealer at both the 1000km and 10,000km ser­vices and the re­sponse has been that the en­gine still needs run­ning in. The car is now due for its 20,000km ser­vice and there has been no no­tice­able im­prove­ment. What can be done to fix the prob­lem or to have Nis­san re­pair or re­place a faulty prod­uct?

Se­bas­tian Aza­gra, email Tell the dealer of your con­cerns when you take it in for ser­vic­ing and ask to have a full di­ag­nos­tic check car­ried out on the car. Don’t ac­cept the view that it’s still run­ning in. It’s pos­si­ble you have a faulty sen­sor that’s throw­ing the fuel econ­omy out. CHOKINGONGAS Over the past year my 2010 dual-fuel VE Com­modore sedan has had in­ter­mit­tent prob­lems when run­ning on gas. Some­times the en­gine runs very rough and vi­brates as if one of the gas in­jec­tors is not work­ing. The en­gine check light comes on and I have to pull over, switch the en­gine off and switch over to petrol. No er­ror codes are recorded. Un­der war­ranty they have re­placed in­jec­tors, bench tested and ser­viced in­jec­tors, re­placed gas pres­sure switch and car­ried out a com­pres­sion and leak-down test — all to no avail. Now the dealer is sug­gest­ing I drive it there while ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the prob­lem. I have tried that, only for the fault to rec­tify it­self be­fore I ar­rive. Can you of­fer any sug­ges­tions as to its cause and what to do next? I am des­per­ate for a res­o­lu­tion. Fred Ho­gen­doorn, email As it’s not a con­sis­tent prob­lem you would have to think there’s an is­sue such as a con­nec­tion or a sen­sor that’s faulty. Holden uses the Im­pco fac­tory sys­tem. I’d find an Im­pco dealer and have the tech­ni­cal peo­ple there check it. SOOTHEMYSOOB I amget­ting a shud­der in the steer­ing of my 2005 Subaru Im­preza when turn­ing slowly such as coming out of a park­ing spot at a shop­ping cen­tre. I took it to a lo­cal me­chanic to have it ser­viced and was told the front dif­fer­en­tial is on its way out. I con­tacted a Subaru dealer and ex­plained the prob­lem to the ser­vice de­part­ment and they said it could be a so­le­noid at the rear of the trans­mis­sion or the clutch could be grab­bing and would cost be­tween $750-$950 to fix. Th­ese quoted prices seem high. Have you heard of Subarus hav­ing front diff and trans­mis­sion

Drink­ing prob­lem: Afaulty sen­sor on a reader’s Navara might be af­fect­ing the fuel econ­omy

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