On the wagon

Sta­tion wag­ons used to la­bel oc­cu­pants as com­mit­ted par­ents. But that’s his­tory

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model— it­self a re­skinned Volk­swa­gen Golf GTI. Wag­ons also share the han­dling, agility and per­for­mance acu­men of their sedan equiv­a­lents.

But the wagon has a more flex­i­ble load area and the abil­ity to haul a range of awk­ward-sized cargo thanks to split and fold­down rear seats. In com­par­i­son to an SUV, the wagon also re­tains the less cum­ber­some style of the sedan, in ef­fect of­fer­ing the best of both worlds.

Find a good sedan and if there’s a wagon equiv­a­lent, then gen­er­ally it will share any of the sedan’s ad­van­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. Th­ese three ex­am­ples are very dif­fer­ent in ori­gins and ex­e­cu­tion. All are cur­rent models— though the Holden and Skoda are poised for re­place­ment— and will have rel­a­tively low mileage. The Skoda is the sports model and is more ex­pen­sive than its ri­vals, though has more equip­ment and has a tur­bocharged petrol en­gine with a dual-clutch au­to­matic trans­mis­sion— all quite ex­pen­sive stuff.

Re­sale val­ues are strong for the Hyundai (50 per cent re­tained af­ter three years) and Skoda (49 per cent) but weak for the Holden (41 per cent), in­di­cat­ing that seek­ing a near-new used model can be more ad­van­ta­geous for the Holden buyer.

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