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My Hyundai i30 has be­gun to mis­be­have on oc­ca­sions when be­ing un­locked with the re­mote but­ton. Within sec­onds it would re­lock it­self, even when I was open­ing the door or af­ter get­ting in. It locked once when I had put my keys in my pocket be­fore get­ting in and I could not open the doors any­how. Af­ter pan­ick­ing I re­alised my keys were in my pocket and I turned on the ig­ni­tion, heard a cou­ple of clunks, and tried the door open­ing but­ton and the doors opened. It only does this per­haps three or four times a week and af­ter do­ing it once it doesn’t do it again the same day. I don’t know if my dealer really be­lieves me. I have asked at the last three ser­vices for it to be looked at and reme­died, but they say that they would ac­tu­ally have to phys­i­cally see it hap­pen. As it is in­ter­mit­tent this seems nigh on im­pos­si­ble to hap­pen. I think it is a com­puter prob­lem and maybe easy to rec­tify if fol­lowed through by them. My great con­cern is that one day I might hop out for a brief moment with the keys in the ig­ni­tion.

Graeme Liv­ingston, email

I agree with you about a com­puter glitch. Press the dealer to take a more ac­tive in­ter­est— I un­der­stand it is hard for them to fix when it’s an in­ter­mit­tent prob­lem and not nec­es­sar­ily ev­i­dent when the car is at the deal­ers.


Over­all we have been happy with our 30th An­niver­sary Mit­subishi Chal­lenger, ex­cept that the ra­dio with es­sen­tial Blue­tooth phone fa­cil­i­ties has so much in­ter­fer­ence that we can’t use the ra­dio on lo­cal AM sta­tions. De­spite con­sid­er­able cor­re­spon­dence with our dealer and Mit­subishi, who agreed that there were prob­lems with the sys­tem, they were not pre­pared to cover the cost of a mod­i­fi­ca­tion to our au­dio unit. We have had the prob­lem fixed by the in­stal­la­tion of an alternative an­tenna. We reckon Mit­subishi should cover this ex­pense as their orig­i­nal equip­ment was not fit for pur­pose.

Ross Hutchin­son, email

There can be is­sues with things likeAMra­dio re­cep­tion with im­ported cars from coun­tries whereAMra­dio is not as widely used. I agree that Mit­subishi should pro­vide a fix for your car, and we have had other com­pa­nies do sim­i­lar things with the ra­dios in their cars in the past. But you have mod­i­fied the car your­self so you won’t get Mit­subishi to take any in­ter­est in your sit­u­a­tion. It would have been wiser to press the com­pany for a fix.


When we tested our 2009 Toy­ota Camry Altise be­fore we bought it ev­ery­thing seemed OK. Soon af­ter, we heard a shud­der­ing noise in the auto trans­mis­sion in re­verse or drive. We’ve had the car back to the dealer twice but they have told us the trans­mis­sion is OK and that the prob­lem is most likely the torque con­verter. What is my le­gal av­enue to get this prob­lem fixed?

Trevor Westhorpe, email

You’re clearly not get­ting

any­where with this dealer. Seek ad­vice from a spe­cial­ist in au­to­matic trans­mis­sions and, de­pend­ing on that ad­vice, take the in­for­ma­tion back to the dealer and de­mand it be fixed. Our in­for­ma­tion is that it is un­likely to be a con­verter prob­lem.

SQUEAKY CLUNK Our 2012 Holden Colorado diesel 4WD has a very bad squeak and clunk when ac­cel­er­at­ing or de­cel­er­at­ing at low speeds. The squeak is so loud that peo­ple look around as we drive along the street. I brought the squeak to the no­tice of my lo­cal Holden dealer and was told that Holden does not fix squeaks and rat­tles as war­ranty prob­lems. This seems to­tally un­rea­son­able, although to their credit they ap­plied some lithium spray around the front and back sus­pen­sion, to no avail. Since read­ing in your col­umn that Holden has a fix for this prob­lem coming I went back to this dealer in the hope that a ser­vice note and re­pair pro­ce­dure had been re­leased. I am told there has not yet been a ser­vice note is­sued so the dealer will not re­pair the prob­lem un­der war­ranty. Is the ve­hi­cle un­der war­ranty for squeaks and rat­tles? Is it dan­ger­ous to keep driv­ing this ve­hi­cle in this con­di­tion? When can we ex­pect to see some­thing coming from Holden in the way of a fix?

Peter Roe, email

It de­pends on what causes the squeak or rat­tle as to whether it’s cov­ered by the war­ranty. In this case it is caused be pre­ma­ture wear of the shock ab­sorber bushes, and that’s cov­ered un­der war­ranty. Holden has told us that they are work­ing on new bushes and that the parts would be avail­able to be fit­ted within weeks. It’s not dan­ger­ous to keep driv­ing the ve­hi­cle in this con­di­tion, it’s just an­noy­ing.

BEAR­ING FAIL­URE Have you heard of the 2009 2.5-litre Ford Ranger en­gine hav­ing a big-end bear­ing fail­ure at 12,000 km? Mine has, and six weeks later I amwait­ing for Ford to get back to me.

Dean, email

We haven’t heard of other fail­ures. It’s un­usual for a bear­ing to go at such low kms un­less some­thing is dra­mat­i­cally wrong with it. As­sum­ing the oil level is cor­rect, you would have to sus­pect a ma­chin­ing is­sue from pro­duc­tion or a ma­te­rial prob­lem with the bear­ing it­self.

AMRECEPTION As an avid lis­tener of Paul Gover on 3AW, I find the re­cep­tion to AM ra­dio sta­tions is de­te­ri­o­rat­ing, with in­creased static. Could it be my car, an SS Holden ute? Is there any­thing I can do to my car to en­hance sound qual­ity? I have a func­tion­ing man­u­fac­turer sup­plied ae­rial that is in good work­ing or­der.

Wayne, email

The main rea­son is the lack of re­peater sta­tions. Poor re­cep­tion can also be caused by in­ter­fer­ence from over­head power lines, tram­lines and the like in the city and in­ner sub­urbs. It usu­ally can be im­proved by fit­ting an af­ter­mar­ket am­pli­fied an­tenna, but the VE al­ready has an am­pli­fied an­tenna and is one that isn’t of­ten af­fected. You could fit a bet­ter qual­ity am­pli­fied an­tenna but that would en­tail fit­ting an­other ra­dio— then it starts to get ex­pen­sive. You could also look at get­ting a dig­i­tal ra­dio mod­ule and con­nect that to your ra­dio through the aux­il­iary con­nec­tion.

Quick lock­ing: The i30 seems to have a com­puter prob­lem

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