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From the day I bought it new, my 2008 Re­nault Me­gane sedan has given a cough when­ever I sud­denly want some power, for ex­am­ple when start­ing off from a dif­fi­cult in­ter­sec­tion in traf­fic. It hap­pens about three times a week but I can’t con­vince the dealer that it ex­ists. They did 40km in it one day but I could do 1000km steadily with no trou­ble. I have been in­creas­ing the revs a bit to, say, 1200rpm when wait­ing in a likely prob­lem area, with my foot on the brake, then I can get power with­out the lurch that up­sets the pas­sen­gers. I asked about the fuel pump but they checked the pres­sure in the fuel line and couldn’t fault it. I have given up ask­ing about it at the deal­ers but it drives me nuts. If my wife drives it, she drives me nuts about it. What should I do?

John Healy, email As it’s out of war­ranty I would sug­gest you talk to a Re­nault ser­vice spe­cial­ist about it. It sounds as though the fuel mix­ture could be go­ing lean when you give it a sud­den burst of throt­tle. I would be clean­ing the throt­tle body.


I should be the proud owner of the lat­est model Tri­ton du­al­cab 4x4 ute. In­stead I have a ute that is not ca­pa­ble of do­ing the job I bought it to do and that Mit­subishi claimed it would was de­signed to do. First, at my own cost of $510 I had to re­place the rear leaf springs as the ve­hi­cle was sag­ging so badly the tow bar was only 175mm from the ground and bot­tomed out on ev­ery speed hump. This also ex­plained the con­stant flash­ing of high beams from the op­po­site di­rec­tion as my head­lights were point­ing di­rectly in the drivers’ eyes. Mit­subishi told me I was over­load­ing the ute, so I had it weighed and to my dis­be­lief I found my load over the tare weight was just 352kg. Mit­subishi would do noth­ing. Then I had to re­place the shock­ers as they failed, at my own cost again. The most an­noy­ing prob­lem I have is the con­stant surg­ing and splut­ter­ing when driv­ing at con­stant speeds. I had the com­puter remapped, a tem­po­rar­ily fix as it starts over again. As this is a work ve­hi­cle the cost of be­ing off the road for re­pairs is mount­ing sig­nif­i­cantly. Then there are the ser­vic­ing costs, fixed they say. A mi­nor ser­vices, which en­tails oil and fil­ter, clean the air fil­ter, fill the win­dow washer and a vis­ual check, took about 1 1/ hours, cost more

2 than $550 and left a very bit­ter taste in my mouth. Fi­nally the fuel con­sump­tion, about 15.7L/100km, is atro­cious. Dis­sat­is­fied Tradie, email Yours is the sec­ond report of sag­ging Tri­ton rear springs we have had. We went to Mit­subishi with the pre­vi­ous report and asked them to check the ve­hi­cle, one of five the owner had, and the re­sponse was that there was noth­ing wrong with it. But it seems the fix is to fit heavy-duty rear springs, and in your case also shock ab­sorbers, which backs up your ques­tion of its fit­ness for the job it is said to be de­signed to do. Con­tact the dealer again and ex­press your dis­sat­is­fac­tion. If you you want to go fur­ther con­tact Mit­subishi di­rect.


My 2005 BA Ford Mk II XR6 has an in­ter­mit­tent shud­der through the en­tire ve­hi­cle. It

Run the gaunt­let: AMe­gane coughs and lurches when revs are re­quired

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