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My wife bought a Hyundai Veloster Plus last year and we no­ticed that the car pings un­der load. Our dealer said he’d never had a Veloster ping, but he would in­ves­ti­gate to see if there was an up­date avail­able for the car. There wasn’t, which means that we have to put up with the ping­ing, which can­not be good for the engine. The ser­vice tech­ni­cian ad­vised me to fill two tanks of 95-oc­tane fuel and per­haps the com­puter would ad­just it­self. I amnot happy about this and it looks as if there is noth­ing I can do about it.

Collin Seretis, email

Hyundai has told us that yours is the first re­port of ping­ing that has been re­ceived but they are happy to in­ves­ti­gate the is­sue on your car. They will be in con­tact with you soon to ar­range a time for you to take your car to your dealer.


An in­ter­mit­tent engine miss de­vel­oped in my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe R 2.2-litre diesel six months af­ter I bought it and it now oc­curs reg­u­larly, al­though I can’t get it to do it when I’ve taken the car to the dealer. It’s best de­scribed as like a turbo lag. It can oc­cur up to four times a day but mostly it hap­pens once a day. It can hap­pen from start­ing off, when ac­cel­er­at­ing to pass from var­i­ous speeds or tak­ing off at lights etc. Mostly it oc­curs on very hot days when the engine is hot but once or twice it did do it when first start­ing off. The dealer’s di­ag­nos­tic com­puter shows noth­ing. I be­lieve it is a safety is­sue, as I have been caught out a few times. I hope you can help.

Robert Wyer, email

Find­ing the cause of an in­ter­mit­tent prob­lem is dif­fi­cult be­cause it doesn’t al­ways oc­cur when the me­chanic is there to wit­ness it. It means he’s fly­ing blind when at­tempt­ing to di­ag­nose it. Like­wise, if it doesn’t hap­pen when the di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment is con­nected ev­ery­thing will in­di­cate nor­mal. The only thing you can do is to per­sist with the dealer and urge him to con­tinue to seek a so­lu­tion. It might help if you set up a video cam­era in the car. Have it

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with a Santa Fe

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