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I read your ar­ti­cle in De­cem­ber about a fix for the prob­lem of the oil level in­creas­ing in the Mazda CX-5 diesel (soft­ware up­date and new dip­stick). It said Mazda had al­ready be­gun con­tact­ing af­fected own­ers. Three months af­ter that ar­ti­cle, I had not been con­tacted by Mazda. I con­tacted two Mazda deal­ers about it. The first one told me that they were un­aware of any fix. The sec­ond dealer said the same thing, then searched around on the com­puter and found that there was in­deed a fix and I booked my car in to have the work done. I as­sume the soft­ware up­date does some­thing. As for the sec­ond part of the ‘‘fix’’, a new dip­stick, the only dif­fer­ence with the new dip­stick is that the ‘‘Full’’ mark has been moved up to the level where the ‘‘X’’ (dan­ger level) mark was on the old dip­stick. Pre­vi­ously we were para­noid about hav­ing to change the oil. Is Mazda now telling us that this level is now per­fectly ac­cept­able and is not go­ing to dam­age the engine?


My 2010 Mit­subishi Tri­ton GLXR blows lots of black smoke, even more when I ac­cel­er­ate af­ter stop­ping. What could be caus­ing it?


Once or twice a week my 2010 Hyundai ix35 seems mo­men­tar­ily to drop out of gear when ac­cel­er­at­ing from rest. It seems to be near the shift point from sec­ond to third and the engine over-revs at least 2000rpm be­fore grab­bing drive again. My dealer has been try­ing to solve the prob­lem with­out suc­cess, as the me­chan­ics can­not repli­cate the On the level: Mazda CX-5 dip­stick has a higher ‘‘Full’’ mark event. I’m con­cerned that pick­ing up drive again from an over­speed event will dam­age the gear­box even­tu­ally.

RayTier­ney, email

It’s al­ways hard to find the cause of a prob­lem you can’t wit­ness first-hand, so the only thing you can do at this stage is per­sist and have the dealer track it down for you. Mean­while note ev­ery in­stance of the is­sue, record­ing time, place, cir­cum­stances, engine speed, gears etc to give the dealer all avail­able in­for­ma­tion.


My 2008 Nis­san Navara STX needed in­jec­tors at 70,000km and they were re­placed un­der war­ranty. They needed re­plac­ing again at 104,000km but his time Nis­san wanted the in­jec­tors sent to an in­de­pen­dent com­pany to be as­sessed. It was found that three in­jec­tors had ex­ces­sive leak­age and all needed to be re­placed. Nis­san of­fered to pay for half the price of the in­jec­tors, which was $1354.64. The re­main­der, in­clud­ing the in­de­pen­dent test­ing, amounted to $2500. I think this

The soft­ware fix al­ters the purg­ing of the par­tic­u­late fil­ter to over­come the prob­lem of diesel get­ting into the engine oil. Mazda seems to be say­ing that it’sOK for the oil to rise to the new level with­out caus­ing any prob­lems. You would have to be­lieve that Mazda has done some test­ing to ver­ify that and is now con­tent that with the two fixes the prob­lem has been erad­i­cated. CX-5 own­ers should con­tact their dealer about get­ting the up­date.

Steve, email I’mguess­ing it’s a diesel. If that’s the case it’s likely to be ex­ces­sive fuel, which points to an in­jec­tor or fuel pump is­sue. Get it to a diesel me­chanic, who should be able to sort it out.

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