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WHAT IS IT? BMWM4 WHY THE FUSS? Hot new coupe WHEN’S IT HERE? Later this year HOW­MUCH? Same price

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THE new name game at BMW has not changed the fo­cus for its sport­ing coupes and con­vert­ibles and this M4 proves it. It is be­ing tested at the Nur­bur­gring just as of­fi­cial pic­tures of the reg­u­lar 4 Se­ries coupe go pub­lic. Carparazzi sources say it will con­tinue with a six-cylin­der engine but boosted by up to three tur­bocharg­ers for max­i­mum go.


Surely the new-new Mini can­not be far away, as the car is clearly fin­ished and ready to rock. The body is fin­ished and only the swirly cam­ou­flage is pro­tect­ing the fi­nal de­tails on a car that is longer and wider with a longer bon­net and slim­mer wind­screen pil­lars.


VW’s next up­date of the full-sized SUV is not sched­uled un­til next year but work is al­ready un­der way. The bra mask­ing at each end points to a mi­nor body up­date but there is the prom­ise of more pow­er­ful diesel en­gines and a big up­date to the car’s in­fo­tain­ment and driveras­sis­tance sys­tems.


A drop-top ver­sion of As­ton Martin’s lat­est V12 hero car, the Van­quish, is be­ing tweaked at the Nur­burg­ing be­fore it fol­lows the coupe on to the world’s roads. It’s me­chan­i­cally iden­ti­cal, apart from As­ton’s usual fold­ing can­vas top, and it is ex­pected to go pub­lic at the Frank­furt mo­tor show in Septem­ber.

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