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I’m con­sid­er­ing buy­ing the new Holden VF Calais V V6, but I am con­cerned about po­ten­tial is­sues down the track with re­sale value and parts avail­abil­ity, given that it’s the last Com­modore. Do you think re­sale value will be af­fected much? How long will Holden guar­an­tee parts and is this con­cern war­ranted?

Rob, email Given the ab­so­lute class of the VF pack­age, the car is likely to do bet­ter on re­sale. Parts will not be a prob­lem for at least 15 years. As for con­cerns, Holden still wants to make cars in Aus­tralia and, even if it stops, it will not be aban­don­ing our coun­try.

IN TH­ER­OUGH I am in­ter­ested in your opin­ion of the lat­est Volk­swa­gen re­call. I have two VWs in the fam­ily and I am con­cerned thatVW will not be able to man­age the 25,928 re­calls stated to me via email. In your ex­pe­ri­ence is this re­call achiev­able and at what time frame? Is the sec­ond-hand VW mar­ket re­flect­ing th­ese is­sues, and do you think I

should wait for the re­call to hap­pen be­fore con­sid­er­ing trad­ing in?

Alan Dil­lon, email VWGroup has a plan for stag­gered re­pair work, as parts ar­rive, so there is no drama on that front. In­evitably, Golf val­ues will be hurt and the im­pact is al­ready be­ing felt.

CAVEAT EMPTOR I re­cently bought a Volk­swa­gen Amarok know­ing full well about the Cars­guide wari­ness of Euro­cars gen­er­ally, and VWs in par­tic­u­lar. I made my de­ci­sion based on a lot of re­search and, not in­signif­i­cantly, a bunch of awards given to the Amarok by var­i­ous pub­li­ca­tions since the ve­hi­cle was re­leased a cou­ple of years ago. But why have VWs been con­tin­u­ally lauded in the press (COTY, World Car of the Year etc) when those in the know – you lot in journo world – have known for years about their qual­ity prob­lems? Ev­ery VW re­view for the last few years should, clearly, have

come with a warn­ing to the ef­fect that the re­view bears no re­la­tion­ship to liv­ing with VW prod­ucts in the real world and any­one buy­ing one does so at their own sig­nif­i­cant risk.

An­drew Tobin, email

We can only judge cars as we find them and we have not had a sin­gle fail­ure of any one of the dozens of Volk­swa­gens we’ve tested. That said, the

Cars­guide crew has con­tin­u­ally com­plained about the func­tion­al­ity of VW’s DSG trans­mis­sions, ser­vice costs and warned about their use in the real world. As for the awards, there’s no deny­ing VW de­signs, engi­neers and builds great cars. It also now has capped-price ser­vic­ing for six years and pro­vides guar­an­tees on DSG.

THE iLOAD HAS IT I amjust about to buy a van an I am toss­ing-up be­tween the Toy­ota Hi­Ace or Hyundai iLoad. Do you sug­gest any oth­ers? Es­pe­cially as I would much rather go au­to­matic.

An­drew Mac­cora, email We would go for the iLoad ev­ery time. It’s a newer de­sign, cheaper and comes with a five-year war­ranty.

MOV­ING FORD I couldn’t help but have a laugh at your re­cent Ford Mus­tang ar­ti­cle, and specif­i­cally Bob Graziano’s comment: ‘‘I don’t think we would use GT on any other ve­hi­cle.’’ Do th­ese yanks think Aus­tralians are to­tally brain dead? Do they think we’re not aware of the world? We are not Amer­i­cans. The top sell­ing Mus­tang in the US is the GT and the GT tag has been used in the US since 1966 on Mus­tangs, Fair­lanes, Tori­nos. Let’s hope when the Mus­tang gets here it is not called the ‘‘Fal­con’’ Mus­tang or some such crap.

Mark, email

DEMOTRAIT I am look­ing to buy a small car for about $20,000. I’m won­der­ing what your thoughts are on the val­ues and dif­fer­ences be­tween Suzuki Swift and Ford Fo­cus. Or maybe some­thing that is even bet­ter value that may be worth con­sid­er­ing. Also, is it worth­while con­sid­er­ing a demo model over new.

Peter McGrath, email The Swift is a bet­ter buy but the best value in that price cat­e­gory is the Hyundai i30, helped by its five-year war­ranty. A demo car will be bet­ter value, es­pe­cially if you can get one be­fore June 30, but check the build date to en­sure it’s not old stock.

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