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I bought a Hyundai i30 Elite in March this year and, on the whole, I’ve been happy with it. But I’ve had to take it back to the ser­vice depart­ment three times so far this year be­cause of mal­func­tions with the en­ter­tain­ment-nav­i­ga­tion unit. Less than two weeks af­ter pur­chase the whole unit had to be re­placed be­cause it wouldn’t stop scan­ning back­wards through ra­dio sta­tions and CD tracks then, a few months later, the maps crashed. Last week the Blue­tooth froze. I asked the ser­vice depart­ment if there was any way I could man­u­ally re­boot the sys­tem, the way you can with a com­puter, but they told me it had to be done by them, usu­ally by up­dat­ing the soft­ware. I can ac­cept that com­puter sys­tems freeze. What I can’t un­der­stand is why Hyundai can’t ei­ther fix the er­rors in a soft­ware up­date or pro­vide a way for cus­tomers to re­boot the sys­tem them­selves. My pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ence is that their cus­tomer ser­vice line doesn’t re­turn phone calls when promised. Jack Benny, email Hyundai spokesman Bill Thomas, says: “We are aware that some sat­nav units have had is­sues with Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity and some other func­tions. Hyundai has a new nav up­grade patch avail­able now in deal­er­ships which has been in the mar­ket for a cou­ple of weeks and we are con­fi­dent that this fix is ro­bust and com­pre­hen­sive.”


My hus­band is un­well and will not be able to drive again and I’m now in charge of two cars. I want to sell one and I need your ad­vice re­gard­ing which one to keep. They are a 2004 Mercedes 200C Kompressor with about 100,000km on the clock in ex­cel­lent con­di­tion and a 2011 Honda Civic CS from Eng­land with 15,000km only on the clock. My con­cern is that, even though the Honda is ex­cel­lent and lovely to drive, I re­alise that it most likely won’t last as long as the good old Merc and, of course, I think that the Merc is a whole lot safer if I’m ever in an ac­ci­dent. Ros Green­wood, email The smart move is to sell the Benz be­fore it ends up cost­ing you a lot in re­pairs, but if you have an emo­tional con­nec­tion to it then sell your other car— you’ll get more cash for the Honda.


Please give me your thoughts on the Re­nault Me­gane RS 250 ver­sus the Re­nault Me­gane 265. Is there a great deal of dif­fer­ence be­tween them? I am­look­ing at the Tro­phy model in both th­ese cars, so is the new 265 that much bet­ter than the 250? I have an op­por­tu­nity of buy­ing a near-new 250 Tro­phy at a sub­stan­tial price ad­van­tage. Lou, email The newer car is a lit­tle quicker and sharper at the limit, but the 250 is vir­tu­ally as good and you would be sav­ing more than $7000. So we’d rec­om­mend the 250 this time.


I will be shortly buy­ing ei­ther a Toy­ota Hy­brid Camry or a Prius 2010. With the Prius the RACV have told me you have to run on pre­mium un­leaded while the Hy­brid Camry can run on stan­dard un­leaded. Given the Prius is about 4.0L/100km and the Camry is about6.0L, which should I buy? I travel about 15,000km a year. Peter Coutts, email It’s silly to make a pur­chase just based on fuel, un­less the cars are iden­ti­cal. The Camry is a bet­ter drive and you’re sup­port­ing the lo­cal in­dus­try, so we’d lean that way.


In­stead of giv­ing the car in­dus­tries mil­lions upon mil­lions of our tax­payer­funded money, why not of­fer the equiv­a­lent in cash re­bates back to the cus­tomers? Give cus­tomers a cash re­bate for buy­ing a lo­cally man­u­fac­tured ve­hi­cle and you are guar­an­teed an in­crease in lo­cal sales. Just look at the trend when the pre­vi­ous gov­ern­ment of­fered in­cen­tives for LPG- fu­elled ve­hi­cles, when sales went through the roof and it cre­ated more em­ploy­ment in that seg­ment. If you want to com­pete with im­ports and with pric­ing then this is an op­tion that is achiev­able. I per­son­ally be­lieve it doesn’t mat­ter how much money you give the last re­main­ing lo­cal car gi­ants as the money al­ways runs out and so does their time and pa­tience. Gabi Yam­mouni, email The real prob­lem to­day is that Aus­tralians want SUVs and small cars, but only the Ford Ter­ri­tory and Holden Cruze are made here.

Blue in more than the tooth: Hyundai i30’s sat­nav has been play­ing up

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