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Af­ter my com­plaint about the rat­tling en­gine in my 2011 Volk­swa­gen Golf diesel ap­peared in your col­umn VW con­tacted me and they took my car in for re­work. They over­saw the work at the deal­er­ship and gave tech­ni­cal as­sis­tance. I picked it up just be­fore Christ­mas af­ter all four in­jec­tors were re­placed with some com­puter up­grades and the car is run­ning fan­tas­ti­cally. Mick and Cathy Mor­ris, email Glad to help. It’s also nice to know VW’s on the case.


Some­times I fill up with E10, some­times when I am feel­ing wealthy I use 98 RON. Once when empty I filled up half E10 and half 98 RON. Is there any harm in mix­ing fuel? Richard Kenna, NSW. No, you’ll end up with an oc­tane rat­ing be­tween the two fu­els de­pend­ing on how much of each you used. E10 has an oc­tane rat­ing of at least 94, so it’ll be be­tween 94 and 98.


I thought I would up­date you since I last wrote to you about the head­light fog­ging on my Chrysler SRT V8. Af­ter you re­sponded I con­tacted Chrysler, but did not get far with ei­ther the deal­er­ship or Chrysler Aus­tralia’s cus­tomer ser­vice team, so I wrote to the CEO who passed my let­ter to the cus­tomer ser­vice team! I still have no res­o­lu­tion to my head­light fog­ging light prob­lem, or the prob­lem I also raised with them about the sat­nav voice recog­ni­tion not work­ing. A Chrysler cus­tomer ser­vice of­fi­cer told me in Au­gust the sat­nav voice recog­ni­tion prob­lem should be fixed within two weeks, but have since been told the voice recog­ni­tion did not work in Aus­tralia. Then in De­cem­ber they told me they were still look­ing into the is­sue and did not know how long it would be! I was also told they had con­tacted VicRoads who had told them the fog in the head­lights was not a prob­lem. The cus­tomer ser­vice of­fi­cer also told me he was await­ing a re­sponse from the NSW RTA. He also re­in­forced the Chrysler tech­ni­cal sec­tion’s ad­vice that if the head­light mist cleared within 20 min­utes there was no need to change/re­place the lights. I said they had a le­gal obli­ga­tion to fix de­fects un­der war­ranty. I feel Chrysler is fob­bing me off and not liv­ing up to its claim they value feed­back. Dave S, email The head­light is­sue has reached a stale­mate. You say it’s a prob­lem, Chrysler says no. If you wanted to take it fur­ther you could con­sult a li­censed VicRoads en­gi­neer and get an in­de­pen­dent opin­ion. You can get a list of the en­gi­neers from VicRoads. As for the sat­nav voice recog­ni­tion is­sue, keep on their case.


My 150,000km 2007 Toy­ota Prado GXL was jit­ter­ing and knock­ing badly. If the en­gine was started on a slope it would blow co­pi­ous amounts of white smoke, so I took it to Toy­ota who couldn’t di­ag­nose prob­lem. I then took it to an in­de­pen­dent me­chanic who thought the in­jec­tors were the prob­lem and sug­gested tak­ing it to a spe­cial­ist diesel out­fit, who di­ag­nosed in­jec­tor is­sues. In your ex­pe­ri­ence is this a com­mon prob­lem in diesel Pra­dos of this model. Eleanor Fair­bairn, email It’s not un­usual for them to have in­jec­tor is­sues, which usu­ally shows up by heavy knock­ing when the en­gine is cold and is fixed by re­plac­ing the in­jec­tors. If it only oc­curs on a slope, how­ever, I would be mak­ing sure it isn’t an oil pickup prob­lem, and I would have the oil pick-up in the sump checked to make sure it isn’t par­tially blocked.

Good Golf re­sult: VW has fixed a reader’s rat­tling en­gine

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