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the Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 and VW Amarok, which with their lusty turbo diesels are great for heavy work.


I have a 2013 Toy­ota LandCruiser, a GX turbo diesel, that has done 50,000km in 18 months from new. The ve­hi­cle is used for work in dusty out­back con­di­tions, which it was de­signed for. It has been ser­viced by the book and I re­cently no­ticed a noise in the turbo. I took it to my Toy­ota dealer and they checked it and had re­gional man­ager check it and agreed it has a turbo noise but would not cover with war­ranty it as I had re­placed the ex­haust with a larger af­ter­mar­ket one plus changed the head on the snorkel. Both th­ese af­ter­mar­ket al­ter­ations should en­hance the turbo rather than be­ing detri­men­tal. I have heard from var­i­ous sources that Toy­ota have an is­sue with the left hand turbo on this mo­tor, so as it’s a known fault do I have any av­enue to pur­sue the war­ranty claim or is it a lost cause due to the af­ter­mar­ket changes I have made? Bill Hed­ditch, email War­ranty cov­er­age on all brands is com­pro­mised when you move away from stan­dard equip­ment. You might be­lieve some­thing will en­hance a ve­hi­cle but, be­cause it is not de­vel­oped and tested to war­ranty stan­dards by the man­u­fac­turer, they will not give cov­er­age.


Re tyre pres­sures. As my Golf GTI is front-wheel drive, with the bulk of the weight up­front and lit­tle in the rear, I run 42psi in front with 38 in the rear. The ride is not harsh and I fig­ure I’m sav­ing fuel to some de­gree. The wear is even on both front and rear across the tyre sur­faces but I should add I’m nearly al­ways driv­ing solo or with one pas­sen­ger, Paul Baker, email


I have a Nis­san Qashqai TI on or­der and I have no­ticed that it comes with 19-inch wheels but with low-pro­file tyres so the ac­tual wheel di­am­e­ter is the same as the stan­dard model with 17-inch wheels. I am in my se­nior years so go-faster wheels are of no ben­e­fit. What ad­van­tage do the 19-inch wheels have over 17s, con­sid­er­ing that re­place­ment tyres on 19s are about twice the price and I sus­pect low-pro­file rub­ber is nois­ier. Gor­don Law­ton, email It’s about styling and ul­ti­mate grip, as­pects that prob­a­bly don’t con­cern you. De­sign­ers save their best work for the larger wheels that come on the high­er­priced mod­els, while low­pro­file gen­er­ally means bet­ter cor­ner­ing. I’m not gen­er­ally a fan be­cause of short­com­ings in noise and com­fort, on SUVs. es­pe­cially


Re the poor il­lu­mi­na­tion from rev­ers­ing lights. I had the same prob­lem with my 2008 Volk­swa­gen Golf GTI and found that an LED globe turned night into day. Check the web­site for au­to­mo­tive light­ing at www.bling­ Michael Becker, email I’ve checked and it looks good, so could be a so­lu­tion.

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