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I am look­ing to up­grade to ei­ther a Mazda CX-3 or a Hyundai i30 SR. As I will be do­ing a fair amount of driv­ing, should I look at a diesel?

Sue Marsh, email

The cars are vastly dif­fer­ent, yet both get The Tick from me. The ad­van­tages of the Hyundai are more boot space, open­road com­fort and the fiveyear war­ranty and ser­vice pack­age. The Mazda is good on qual­ity, but you’ll pay a bit for the “fruit”. Don’t get a diesel, de­spite the cur­rent cheap fuel price, un­less you travel at least 30,000km a year, as diesel en­gines cost more than petrol.


We are a go­ing to be a fam­ily of five with two adults, two tod­dlers, and one on the way, and we are look­ing for a used fam­ily SUV. We’re look­ing at the Audi Q7 tur­bod­iesel AWD 2011/2012, Ford Ter­ri­tory Ti­ta­nium diesel 2013/2014 and Toy­ota Kluger petrol AWD 2013/2014. Which one would be best and the bet­ter in qual­ity and low­cost main­te­nance?

Julie Kolyniuk, email On seven-seaters, the Ter­ri­tory runs last, the Kluger is fine and rea­son­able value and the Audi is def­i­nitely the car to re­ward your­self, but the Q7 could get very ex­pen­sive if any­thing goes wrong.


Please help me choose be­tween a 2013 Hyundai Elantra and 2013 Ford Fo­cus Trend. All things be­ing equal on price, kilo­me­tres etc.

Michael Ray, email Un­less you re­ally en­joy driv­ing, the Elantra will be bet­ter on space and will have more fac­tory war­ranty cov­er­age.


My hus­band and I are in our mid 60s and look­ing to up­grade from our 2002 Hyundai Elantra that we’ve had since 2003. What is the dif­fer­ence be­tween the Hyundai Elantra and the i30 and which do you pre­fer? We mainly do city driv­ing and have been quite happy with our old Elantra. Or is there an­other car that we should be look­ing at?

Kerri Hooker, email They are the sedan and hatch from the same me­chan­i­cal plat­form, but un­less you need the boot space the i30 is a nicer drive and more Euro­pean in its look and feel.


I am hav­ing some dif­fi­culty deal­ing with Nis­san re­gard­ing my 2012 Se­ries 8 3-litre Pa­trol diesel which I bought new in March 2012 and would ap­pre­ci­ate any ad­vice as to who to write or talk to. Briefly, when the ve­hi­cle was around eight months old (about 33,000km) the so­le­noid that en­gages the stan­dard dif­fer­en­tial lock was faulty and en­gag­ing the lock when I was driv­ing. The dif­fer­en­tial had to be re­placed and, although I have an ex­tended Nis­san war­ranty, they re­fused to re­place it so I ar­ranged to have a garage fit a sec­ond­hand dif­fer­en­tial. I ap­proached Nis­san and re­quested that they re-look at the case and re­place the ac­tu­a­tor and re­im­burse the cost of a sec­ond-hand dif­fer­en­tial as this was the ob­vi­ous cause of the dif­fer­en­tial break­ing down. But they will not re­im­burse the cost of the dif­fer­en­tial.

Alan An­toney, email Nis­san spokesman, Peter Fadeyev, replies: “Nis­san re­placed the diff-lock so­le­noid and diff-lock ac­tu­a­tor on Mr An­toney’s ve­hi­cle un­der its New Ve­hi­cle War­ranty. More than 18 months later the cus­tomer sought a re­place­ment dif­fer­en­tial but the prob­lem was not due to a man­u­fac­tur­ing fault so it was not re­paired or re­placed by Nis­san. As the orig­i­nal dif­fer­en­tial prob­lem was not re­pairable un­der the terms of his car’s war­ranty, and the re­place­ment dif­fer­en­tial was a sec­ond-hand unit and not re­placed by an au­tho­rised Nis­san work­shop, Nis­san is un­able to re­im­burse Mr An­toney for its cost”.


I bought a brand-new Re­nault Clio a year ago and have had prob­lems from day one with brake fluid leak­ing out from un­der the cap on the reser­voir. The brake


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