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A FREE app for your smart­phone could save you money and your li­cence.

It’s al­ready saved me an hour of my life. And elim­i­nated a day’s worry about speed cam­eras.

Speedometer er­ror has be­come a big is­sue since the Vic­to­rian crack­down on speed­ing with a tiny 3km/h tol­er­ance, all the way to 110km/h. Aus­tralian de­sign rules al­low speedos to read 10 per cent over plus 4km/h (they can’t read un­der), so chances are you’re trav­el­ling slower than your speedo says.

The dig­i­tal speedometer app al­lows you to mea­sure your speed more ac­cu­rately by us­ing GPS.

On a re­cent trip, I dis­cov­ered more than a 10 per cent er­ror in the speedo of the Hyundai i30 I was driv­ing. It was then easy to ad­just my in­di­cated speed to my real speed, with­out wor­ry­ing about go­ing over the limit.

It seems a lit­tle crazy at first to be sit­ting with the speedometer pegged at 120km/h on the free­way but I know that was less than 110 in the real world. And it’s a sim­i­lar story all the way down to 60km/h, once you have some GPS re­al­ity.

In more than 10 hours of driv­ing in 100 and 110km/h high­way zones I ended up sav­ing over an hour on my trip time.

And not once did I fear a speed cam­era or a po­lice car go­ing the other way.

I’ve tried a cou­ple of other apps and mea­sured the ac­cu­racy of sev­eral speedos. All the apps do the job and ev­ery speedometer has been read­ing high — at least one piece of good news when we’re all wor­ried about fines and ac­cru­ing de­merit points.

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