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I RE­CENTLY took my Ford Fal­con XR8 sedan to a car wash af­ter a long trip. The guy with the high-pres­sure wash did the en­gine bay for 15-20 sec­onds and the ex­posed air fil­ter be­came damp. I took it to Ford the next day and re­placed the fil­ter. Could it have dam­aged the en­gine? The car is run­ning nor­mally. Ziad Alashkar, email If the en­gine is run­ning fine there is no dam­age. As soon as wa­ter gets into a com­bus­tion cham­ber it does the dam­age, as it is im­press­ible and can wreak havoc with things like valves and even con­nect­ing rods.


When the next new Subaru Forester will be re­leased? Carol Cor­shutt, email The cur­rent car is less than half­way through its life­span, so it’s about three years un­til the next all-new model. But we’re ex­pect­ing a mi­nor tweak later this year.


At 71 I don’t do a lot of driv­ing but I’m a bit over my Toy­ota Corolla. A friend says his new Mazda CX-3 is won­der­ful. What do you reckon? Barb Dixon, email The CX-3 is best in its class and gets The Tick but it is sig­nif­i­cantly smaller than your Corolla. If you’re not car­ry­ing lots of grand­chil­dren or big loads it should be fine.


As a ser­vice to other own­ers, here’s some feed­back on the op­er­a­tion of the re­mote lock­ing key of our Honda Jazz. If you are com­ing back to the car to find all four win­dows open, it’s be­cause some­thing is press­ing against the ig­ni­tion key, per­haps in a trouser pocket, to op­er­ate the win­dow open­ing func­tion. This can be pre­vented by putting the key into a credit card case when it’s not be­ing used. It will be in­ter­est­ing to see if Honda cars in the fu­ture have a dif­fer­ent de­sign of key to pre­vent this prob­lem. Bar­bara and Ge­orge Snow, email A good tip, thanks.


My Ford Fo­cus Trend I bought in March 2013 has just had its 30,000km or three-year ser­vice, even though it’s only done 13,000km. The ser­vice me­chanic rang to ask if I wanted the brake fluid changed at $85 and the air­con sani­tised at $185. I agreed to the brake fluid change but not the sani­tis­ing, as I have never heard of this be­fore in all the years of own­ing and car­ing for cars. AL, email With the broad spread of capped-price ser­vic­ing, lots of deal­er­ships are pad­ding ser­vice bills with un­nec­es­sary stuff to shore up their in­come. I’ve never head of air­con sani­tis­ing but a Google search found a spray can of the stuff for $20. Draw your own con­clu­sion there.


My son wrote-off his Toy­ota Yaris hit­ting a parked truck and needs a re­place­ment. In that class of car, say a Hyundai i20 or a Yaris, what would you sug­gest is a re­li­able safe car with a rea­son­able re­sale value? The

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