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I just wanted to get your opin­ion on a car as I can get a great deal on a 2014-15 Hyundai Ge­n­e­sis for $47,000. Is that a good buy? And is the Ge­n­e­sis any good?

Vince DiGi­a­como, email The Ge­n­e­sis is big, comfy and well equipped. Con­sid­er­ing the start­ing price is $60,000 that looks like an ex­cel­lent deal.


I am an owner of a scan­dalaf­fected, diesel-en­gined Volk­swa­gen. It is my sec­ond diesel VW and I couldn’t care less about some “soft­ware that causes dis­crep­an­cies in the val­ues for ox­ides of ni­tro­gen (NOx) dur­ing lab­o­ra­tory test­ing”. Armed po­lice would not make me sur­ren­der it to be touched. I’ll buy a Prius if I think it makes any dif­fer­ence. And, I’d have an­other Golf in a blink.

Ken Hop­kin, email Your loy­alty is ad­mirable but there is an abun­dance of ev­i­dence that ox­ides of ni­tro­gen con­trib­ute to pho­to­chem­i­cal smog and can ex­ac­er­bate res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems. Ac­cord­ing to the en­vi­ron­ment depart­ment, this can cause peo­ple with asthma to have more fre­quent and in­tense at­tacks and can re­duce im­mu­nity to lung in­fec­tions.


I guess the left-foot brak­ing sub­mis­sions in your Road­side As­sist sec­tion can’t con­tinue to oc­cupy valu­able space for­ever, so can KI get one last sug­ges­tion pub­lished? If an au­to­mat­ic­trans­mis­sion learner driver who has never, ever driven a car be­fore and from day one — be­gin­ning with the first les­son — is taught to left-foot brake cor­rectly, will that driver ever be in­volved in a pedal con­fu­sion accident? If your ra­tio­nal an­swer is no, let’s start teach­ing this pro­ce­dure im­me­di­ately.

John Maguire, email That seems like a good way to end this one.


My son is look­ing for a sec­ond-hand car be­tween $10,000 and $15,000. He’s been look­ing at SUVs no older than 2010 with as low kilo­me­tres as he can find and there seem to be quite a lot of Holden Cap­ti­vas, fewer of the Ford Es­cape, Mit­subishi Out­lander and oth­ers of this size. The other op­tion could be the Mazda6 wagon. What would you rec­om­mend?

Di An­wyl, email Definitely the Mazda6. It gets The Tick from me and wins over the SUVs on ev­ery­thing from fuel econ­omy to com­fort and quiet­ness.


I bought my Suzuki Swift Sport in 2013 and have a three-year/100,000km war­ranty. I cover a lot of kays a week and spend about an hour a day in stopand-go city traf­fic. In hot weather, when I put my foot down there would be no ac­cel­er­a­tion — I would have to pull over and pump the pedal for about 15 sec­onds be­fore it would go again. The deal­er­ship said no prob­lem was found af­ter tak­ing it for a drive around the block. In win­ter, I had no prob­lem. Then, driv­ing home, there was a loud bang and all of my warn­ing lights came on. I got Suzuki to tow the car in and, af­ter run­ning di­ag­nos­tics for the last week, they have found that the trans­mis­sion has given up. Since I am at 94,000km and still in the three years I thought the war­ranty would cover it. But they are claim­ing that since I missed the 50,000km ser­vice, even though I’ve had the ma­jor 80,000km ser­vice, it will void my war­ranty.

Kirby Ansett, email There is good news. Suzuki’s Ruth John says: “In the case of a man­u­fac­tur­ing de­fect within the war­ranty pe­riod, Suzuki Aus­tralia will cer­tainly hon­our the war­ranty. In terms of the missed ser­vice, it isn’t an is­sue in this case as the missed ser­vice in no way con­trib­uted to the trans­mis­sion is­sue.”


I have a prob­lem with my new Suzuki S-Cross. I do most of my driv­ing around town at 50km/h. At th­ese speeds, the 1.6-litre en­gine labours at about 1100rpm and the vi­bra­tions are an­noy­ing, to say the least. I men­tioned this prob­lem at my first ser­vice and was told the ve­hi­cle was tuned for max­i­mum fuel econ­omy. I was also told not to use the Sport but­ton but I have tried it sev­eral times and found the revs to in­crease to 2000 and thus, I as­sume, af­fect the fuel econ­omy. But there is smoother cruis­ing. What are my op­tions as I’m sick of the in­ces­sant labour­ing of the en­gine, which surely can only do long-term dam­age.

Leo Pike, email Us­ing the Sport mode will give much perkier re­sponse. Fuel consumption will in­crease a lit­tle but that’s the price of off­set­ting your cur­rent frus­tra­tion.


My daugh­ter is toss­ing up be­tween a Ford Fo­cus and a Kia Cerato, 2015 mod­els and both dealer demos for $20,000.

Mick Lauen­stein, email The Cerato is a great pack­age. If she is a keen driver who wants the sporty feel of the Fo­cus, go with the Ford.

Hyundai Ge­n­e­sis: Big, comfy and well equipped

Swift re­sponse: War­ranty will be hon­oured

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