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I moved to Syd­ney in 2001 and rented an apart­ment in Clovelly. All I had was a mat­tress. When I got my first TV com­mer­cial, I went out and bought this Moran leather couch with the money I earned. I am very much my mother’s daugh­ter and she taught me the value of in­vest­ing in nice things. The apart­ment was pretty old but close to the beach and no mat­ter how hard my day was, I could al­ways es­cape to the wa­ter. Syd­ney was a time of grow­ing up for me. You need those ex­pe­ri­ences in your early 20s, when you go through those tough times, as they make you stronger.


Kato is a huge sook. Jeremy and I both had ger­man shep­herds grow­ing up, so it was an easy choice. She is very pro­tec­tive of the boys. She senses when snakes are about and stands be­tween them and the boys to bark at the snakes. We once lost Teddy in the bush for a short while and she lead us to him. He wasn’t gone long, but it was enough for me to have vi­sions of us be­ing on the 6 o’clock news! I never have to worry about any­thing with Kato around, and she has be­come a big part of the fam­ily.


I did a mu­sic tour with (singer) Jon English for a year, singing ’80s rock bal­lads, and at the end of the year, he gave me this leather jacket. When I first saw it, I thought, “Oh, OK, not re­ally my style”. Plus, it was a bloke’s jacket. But then Jon told me it had be­longed to the Rolling Stones’ old bass player, Bill Wy­man, and I was thrilled. I don’t wear it now; it doesn’t fit, any­way, and I pre­fer tan leather jack­ets. But I hope to pass it on to one of my boys one day.


I met my hus­band, Jeremy, at the races. I was there chas­ing af­ter another guy and he was on a trip around the world. We met and it was on straight away. I re­mem­ber call­ing my mum and say­ing, “I think I’ve found the per­son I’m go­ing to spend my life with”. Jeremy and I fell in love when we spent a ro­man­tic time in Rome to­gether, rid­ing a scooter. Af­ter we got mar­ried, we had our hon­ey­moon in Rome and Jeremy gave me this hel­met as a gift to re­mem­ber our very first trip to Rome to­gether.


This is from my grand­fa­ther and he wrote a mes­sage to me, say­ing it was one of a few fans of this kind left and to trea­sure it. It had been passed down from my great-great-grand­fa­ther. My grand­fa­ther was a real man’s man and would talk about the time when “men were men, and women were glad for it”. It’s just lovely that my grand­fa­ther, who founded the Mer­maid Beach Surf Life Sav­ing Club (in Queens­land) and worked as a cop­per, would give this to me.

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