Claire Hooper’s ad­mis­sion she laughed at the story of a man throw­ing his girl­friend’s bark­ing dog off a roof struck a sour note with read­ers

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Dog hor­ror not funny

from Ray Lord, RSPCA Vic­to­ria The RSPCA was very dis­turbed by Claire Hooper’s re­sponse to the ques­tion: ‘‘What’s the fun­ni­est news story you have read of late?’’ (Guide, March 12). Hooper replied by say­ing, ‘‘I laughed when I read about the guy who threw his girl­friend’s yappy dog off a roof. I sur­prised my­self, be­cause I love dogs, but I couldn’t help won­der­ing if he kept yap­ping on the way down.’’ We don’t be­lieve it was a laugh­ing mat­ter. The dog suf­fered a hor­rific death and the dog’s owner was ex­tremely dis­tressed by what hap­pened. Hooper’s com­ments are com­pletely ir­re­spon­si­ble and do not send a pos­i­tive mes­sage to the com­mu­nity.

Cru­elty isn’t laugh­able

from Karen Ben­son, DOGS Vic­to­ria DOGS Vic­to­ria is less than amused by your in­ter­view with Claire Hooper. We were sur­prised any­one claim­ing to love dogs could laugh at the idea of an in­no­cent dog (yappy or oth­er­wise) be­ing thrown off a roof. We do have a sense of hu­mour about dogs but can’t see the hu­mour in this sort of com­ment. An­i­mal cru­elty is not laugh­able.

De­plorable tor­ture

from Lyn­d­say Ed­wards, Carrum Downs WOULD Claire Hooper have found it amus­ing if the sit­u­a­tion had been that the guy threw his girl­friend’s scream­ing baby off the roof? Would she have then won­dered if the baby kept scream­ing on the way down? I don’t think so. I do have a sense of hu­mour, but when it comes to acts of an­i­mal cru­elty and tor­ture I fail to find any level of amuse­ment at such de­plorable be­hav­iour.

Ap­palling com­ments

from R. Martin, email I JUST want to let you know how ap­palled I am at Claire Hooper’s com­ments about the fun­ni­est news story she had heard lately. Sicko. Turned me right off.

Dis­gust­ing, Claire

Jan Cooke, Jan­silk Ken­nels, Melbourne I AMdis­gusted Claire Hooper thinks acts of an­i­mal cru­elty are funny. There is noth­ing funny about some­one throw­ing an an­i­mal off a roof. It’s down­right cruel. Per­haps she should vol­un­teer to spend time work­ing at the RSPCA?

Toni baloney

from Jenny, 16, Flem­ing­ton TONI Fan (Guide, March 6)— you have to be jok­ing. As much as I love Aus­tralia’s Fun­ni­est Home Videos, tun­ing in to Pearen’s host­ing ‘‘abil­i­ties’’ was a turn-off and no, it wasn’t her dread­ful wardrobe (which was prob­a­bly her stylist’s do­ing), it was sim­ply her. Nat­u­rally funny? She didn’t seem nat­u­ral at all. She had no charisma, and ev­ery word that came out of her mouth sounded an­noy­ingly fake. Even her laugh seemed forced. Bot­tom line is it was painful watch­ing her, as it prob­a­bly was painful for her host­ing the show. Maybe that’s why she quit af­ter four long years. That ship has sailed. I’m so glad that Shelley Craft has landed the role. She’s fun, en­er­getic and bub­bly and so far is do­ing a great job.

Suzie clue

from Brian, Coburg NO CRIT­I­CISM of Post­cards last year but this year it just comes across a whole lot bet­ter in ev­ery de­part­ment. Suzie Wilks, of course, adds a whole new di­men­sion with her ex­pe­ri­ence, class and sense of hu­mour. She is a de­light.

Suzie queue

from Tony, Brighton CLEVER work, Chan­nel 9, get­ting Suzie Wilks to host Post­cards. With that beau­ti­ful face and per­son­al­ity, when she tells me where to go I, like ev­ery other hot-blooded man, would fol­low her any­where.

Suzie cue

from Joan, Ar­madale SORRY, Coxy, I have had to make the switch to Post­cards. Suzie Wilks is a fam­ily favourite and we are thrilled to see her back on the telly and look­ing as gor­geous as ever. The new show looks great and is re­ally classy. No won­der they picked Suzie to host— beauty, brains and very funny.

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