Sexy Re­becca Romijn doesn’t cut it as a trans­gen­der male, and it seems Sam New­man is a prod­uct of a sex­ist, racist TV cul­ture

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Gen­der ben­der wrong

from Peter, For­est Hill RE­BECCA Romijn might have an in­sa­tiable cu­rios­ity when it comes to sex­u­al­ity, but nei­ther she nor the pro­duc­ers of Ugly Betty did enough home­work be­fore us­ing a very fem­i­nine Re­becca to por­tray a trans­gen­der male. Sadly, for those caught in gen­der con­fu­sion there is no pos­si­bil­ity of chang­ing sex in such a pris­tine way. Males al­ways re­tain some male char­ac­ter­is­tics when ‘‘con­vert­ing’’ to women as do women when con­vert­ing to men. This false por­trayal is very mis­lead­ing and could cre­ate un­real ex­pec­ta­tions for some­one think­ing about gen­der re­as­sign­ment.

Not all Sam’s fault

from Irene, email ONE can­not en­tirely blame Sam New­man, even though his an­tics have grown very tire­some, par­tic­u­larly in a man who is sup­posed to be ma­ture. Racism and, in par­tic­u­lar, sex­ism are alive and well in television and this is quite ev­i­dent on com­mer­cial chan­nels that give women a ‘‘use-by’’ date while their male coun­ter­parts do not need to worry about age, looks or, to a lesser ex­tent, what they wear. Also, why are peo­ple be­ing paid money to be loud, ag­gres­sive and abu­sive to­wards oth­ers? No won­der so many peo­ple are rude when the me­dia sanc­tions such be­hav­iour. How about pay­ing peo­ple to be kind, re­spect­ful and show some em­pa­thy to­wards oth­ers? Now that would make a change.

Un­able to hate Lil­ley

from Alison, West Nor­lane I’M sur­prised any­one could dis­like the to­tal ge­nius of Chris Lil­ley (Guide, May 21). His shows We Can Be He­roes and Sum­mer Heights High are mas­ter­pieces of Aus­tralian com­edy. He is ab­so­lutely bril­liant.

Rather laugh than learn

from Heather, Pat­ter­son Lakes I’M AN avid fan of come­dies and game shows. I have a laugh each night en­joy­ing Two and a Half Men. It’s funny, it’s hi­lar­i­ous and the ac­tors are so good. Please bring back the Bri­tish come­dies, too, and give us a break from the un­der­ground-world rub­bish, the news, the dilem­mas and the drugs.

Navy or love boat?

from Ken, Chel­tenham I’M A big fan of Sea Pa­trol, but it’s be­com­ing a bit like the Love Boat. If our navy is as soft on il­le­gal ac­tiv­i­ties as they are, we’re in trou­ble.

Put ex­ecs on the box

from Curious, email I’D LIKE to see a show fea­tur­ing TV ex­ec­u­tives. I want to know some­thing about th­ese strange, creepy peo­ple who con­trol our TV. The peo­ple who think Kyle Sandi­lands is a TV pre­sen­ter; the peo­ple who think Tony Squires and the other losers from Big Brother: Big Mouth make en­ter­tain­ing TV; the peo­ple who put a brick­layer and an abat­toir worker in the BB house, tell them to be them­selves, but threaten to evict them when they are; and the peo­ple who tell Sam New­man, a few weeks af­ter his show won a Lo­gie, to get coun­selling for say­ing what he thinks. Who are th­ese peo­ple and which planet do they come from?

US elec­tion ir­rel­e­vant

from Peter, Bon­beach COULD some­one please re­mind our news­rooms that we are liv­ing in Aus­tralia? Why are we con­stantly hear­ing about the US elec­tion race as the lead story on our nightly news ser­vices? Isn’t any­thing hap­pen­ing in Aus­tralia th­ese days? I, for one, don’t give a tin­ker’s cuss about Amer­i­can news, nor, I would ex­pect, would most Aus­tralians. Start re­port­ing on our own coun­try first be­fore telling us about the other rub­bish.

Judg­ing the judges

from Won­der­ing, Gee­long I’M START­ING to won­der whether they will even bother show­ing the per­form­ers on Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent be­cause some­body ev­i­dently finds the judges and au­di­ence mem­bers heaps more en­ter­tain­ing than the per­form­ers. It seems the only way to see the acts is to be in the au­di­ence. No won­der there are no variety shows on TV if this is how they are treated.

Break­ing bread

from Macca, Mor­well I’M THINK­ING of rock­ing up for brekkie at ABC’s South­bank stu­dios and hav­ing some of 774’s Jon Faine’s yummy fruit bread that he keeps go­ing on about.

Un­der­belly wrecked

from Ge­off, email WHOEVER wrote or di­rected the clos­ing shots for Un­der­belly should be sacked im­me­di­ately for ru­in­ing a great pro­duc­tion.

Good onya, Billy

from David, email CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS to Billy Brown­less, you’ve per­suaded me to watch the Footy Show show again in­stead of do­ing the iron­ing while it’s on.

Dressed to ap­peal

from J. Do­rian, Aspendale TIM Camp­bell should take a look at old ver­sions of the Wheel and how the pre­sen­ters look. The whole for­mat of Mil­lion Dol­lar Wheel of For­tune looks flat, sounds noisy and is un­ap­peal­ing. Please re­turn Bar­gain Hunt. The pre­sen­ters were all clean­shaven, well-suited peo­ple, were great pre­sen­ters and re­ally liked peo­ple. I know Camp­bell is young, but when a show like Wheel had a tra­di­tion of well-dressed pre­sen­ters per­haps he has been ill ad­vised. I’m old hat per­haps. I now turn off af­ter An­tiques Road­show re­peats and pre­pare din­ner.

Tim’s tip top

from Hairy, email PA­TRI­CIA of View­bank (Guide, June 4) doesn’t like Tim Camp­bell’s hair. What does her hair look like? If she watched Wheel she would see that Tim is shaven.

Bring back the balls

from Jill, Dal­las I AGREE with El­liot and Chris (Guide, June 4). Can we have Lotto in full and can we have it at 8.30pm when it used to be on? I am­sick of wait­ing around for it to come.

SOS, Gre­tel

from Ni­cholas, Brighton East IS it too late to get Gre­tel back? Kyle S and ‘‘Tackie O’’ com­bined have about as much per­son­al­ity and warmth as a piece of drift­wood. Hav­ing th­ese two peanuts host the show could fi­nally cure me of my se­cret shame that is Big Brother.

In­ac­cu­rate: Re­becca Romijn’s new role in Ugly Betty is mis­lead­ing.

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