Un­der­belly and Ed­die both cop it. Home and Away is be­com­ing more im­prob­a­ble, the news is triv­ial and In­ter­na­tional Rules is a joke

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Had a Bel­ly­ful

from Si­mon, Hamp­ton Park SO CHAN­NEL Nine is still push­ing for the right to show Un­der­belly in Vic­to­ria? Do they not know that any­one in Vic­to­ria who wants to watch the show has al­ready seen it? It’s called down­load­ing and bor­row­ing from friends in­ter­state. Maybe Nine should pull its head out of the sand.

McGuire ire

from Sharyn, Bal­larat BRING back Tracy Grimshaw— Ed­die McGuire is de­stroy­ing ACA. He may ‘‘own’’ Chan­nel Nine, but does that give him the right to de­stroy a good TV show? Ed­die filled in for just the week and cer­tainly doesn’t ‘‘own’’ Nine— Ed

Away with re­al­ity

from Alison, email THE scriptwrit­ers at Home and Away must ab­so­lutely hate the char­ac­ters of Jack and Martha. Why else would they keep giv­ing them such ridicu­lous sto­ry­lines? First, they marry af­ter dat­ing briefly, then split up. Both have other re­la­tion­ships; Martha be­comes a strip­per; Jack mar­ries Sam; she dies; he quits his job be­fore reap­ply­ing two weeks later; now Martha is preg­nant and doesn’t know who the fa­ther is.

Brekky team scores

from Leon, Li­ly­dale TO JILL, from Brighton (Guide, June 11), Two Women and a Metro on MIX 101.1 is not the only Melbourne break­fast-ra­dio show in which women out­num­ber the men. The young hosts on SYN 90.7’s break­fast show Get Ce­real are also putting the fresh twist on their show by hav­ing two fe­males and a male, which seems to work re­mark­ably well. I know not as much is rid­ing on th­ese guys as the MIX team, but they cer­tainly de­serve a pat on the back.

Small won­ders

from Si­mon, email PETER (Guide, June 11), things do hap­pen in Aus­tralian news but un­for­tu­nately the more in­signif­i­cant they are, the more they flog it. Take the re­cent Power­ball win. ‘‘Man wins money’’ dom­i­nated the news all day un­til we were fed up hear­ing about it. Only a few days be­fore that we had, ‘‘Man re­moved from television show’’ and God only knows how many times Sam New­man’s name was thrown around. Add in a few botan­i­cal gar­dens bats, an ex­pose´ that petrol is ex­pen­sive and some strange black cat in a coun­try field and the Aus­tralian news makes a great cure for in­som­nia.

Wheel it away

from Olive, Nu­murkah I FI­NALLY thought I had some­thing to watch at 5.30pm with Mil­lion Dol­lar Wheel of For­tune com­ing back on. Sadly, af­ter 10 min­utes of stupid ya­hoo­ing from the au­di­ence and not be­ing able to hear the con­tes­tants, I turned it off. Bring back Temp­ta­tion.

We’ve been ad

from An­noyed, email CHAN­NEL 10, you just don’t learn, do you? Your ad­ver­tis­ing cam­paigns where you flog some­thing to death weeks in ad­vance in a vain at­tempt to spark up some in­ter­est, do noth­ing more than an­noy the view­ers so much the new shows end up fail­ing mis­er­ably. Yas­min’s Get­ting Mar­ried lasted all of two weeks, Torch­wood ended up rel­e­gated to a mid­night times­lot and does any­one re­mem­ber a lit­tle show called Bat­tlestar Galac­tica? Learn from your mis­takes and for god’s sake stop with the stupid new Mark Loves Sharon ad.

An Ir­ish joke

from Kevin, Beau­maris GOOD news for television com­edy lovers, the AFL has an­nounced that In­ter­na­tional Rules foot­ball against Ire­land will be tele­cast again in Oc­to­ber. One of the round-ball ‘‘Tests’’ will be played in Perth and an­other in Melbourne. I can’t wait to see AFL television he­roes, chests burst­ing with pa­tri­otic pride, clutch­ing that white soc­cer ball as they barge past hap­less Ir­ish­men. from Tony, Bur­wood DAR­REN, Tony and Nick are very poor sub­sti­tutes for Ross, John and Neil. Can’t 3AW, with their big bud­get, do bet­ter?

Noth­ing in re­serve

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