Ul­ti­mate bad boy

Sport­ing leg­end Mark Wary puts his clothes on for a re­al­ity-TV home in­va­sion, writes Erin McWhirter

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HE’S up there with Wayne Carey, Shane Warne and Ben Cousins when it comes to be­ing a bad boy of sport.

Un­like his sport­ing con­tem­po­raries, how­ever, Mark Wary has made the dar­ing de­ci­sion to al­low cam­eras into his life for a re­al­ity-TV se­ries.

Wary, who first ap­peared on our screens in the Chan­nel 10 sketch com­edy show The Wedge, has con­vinced his girl­friend and mates to give us a glimpse into their world in Mark Loves Sharon.

Wary, played by ac­tor Ja­son Gann and of­ten dragged out of trou­ble by his hap­less man­ager Jerry Da­bel­stein (played by Dailan Evans), is a man who lives by a sim­ple phi­los­o­phy— deny, deny, deny.

The sport­ing leg­end chats can­didly about how his wild an­tics put pres­sure on his long-suf­fer­ing man­ager and his girl­friend Sharon Met­calf (Abby Meates). You have cam­eras in your face all the time. How has it been shoot­ing the show? It’s a bit of a shock to the sys­tem. I’m not used to hav­ing them (cam­eras) in my face in my home. I have to wear a lot more clothes th­ese days. Have you felt a need to cen­sor your­self for the pro­gram? I tried do­ing that in the first cou­ple of hours, but that went out the win­dow. I’m a bit wor­ried be­cause there were cam­eras fol­low­ing me around at a night­club one night and I had a cou­ple of drinks and you for­get they are there. More so for Sharon, there is a lot of stuff I don’t want her to see be­cause she might in­ter­pret it the wrong way. Some­times they make things look worse than they are. I’m a bit edgy about that. I want to see the mas­ter be­fore Sharon does. I’m go­ing to go back to what Jerry has al­ways taught me and deny, deny, deny. How did you meet Jerry? He was a cou­ple of years older than me at my high school and I’m ashamed to say that be­fore bul­ly­ing was un­cool I did play around with some of the less for­tu­nate kids. Jerry was a se­nior when I was in year 9 and I tor­mented him a bit. Back then it was called char­ac­ter build­ing. I crossed the line in a sit­u­a­tion and there was a chance I would be ex­pelled from school, but Jerry came to my aid and just got me out of it, which I felt was very big of him. He’s been get­ting me out of trou­ble ever since. Do you feel you put a lot of pres­sure on Jerry with your wild ways? He is the wor­ry­ing end of the scale and I look at it more like wa­ter off a duck’s back. If I wor­ried about ev­ery­thing I did wrong I would be sit­ting in the cor­ner cry­ing all the time. It’s like we are hand­cuffed to­gether and have es­caped from prison, but we can’t es­cape each other. Where does your in­ter­est in sport come from? My mum, who died when I was eight, was a great ath­lete and good at the 400 me­tres. My dad is still around and he claims it’s his genes that have been passed on to me. But Un­cle Mick was Mum’s coach— well he isn’t re­ally my un­cle, but I just call him that be­cause he was around all the time. Ac­tu­ally, most peo­ple say I look like Un­cle Mick more than Dad. Where is your fa­ther now? Dad is of no fixed ad­dress. He will blow in and get me to sign a bit of stuff and flog it off on eBay or do what­ever he does, and then he will dis­ap­pear as quickly as he ar­rives. He or­dered a mail-or­der bride last time he was here on my credit card. Do the bad-boy an­tics come from an un­sta­ble up­bring­ing? I don’t want to blame any­one. I’m proud of who I am, but I do guess my dad makes me look like an an­gel. But the stuff I do gets blown out of pro­por­tion. My an­tics do tend to get sen­sa­tion­alised and I’m just a typ­i­cal Aussie bloke and just hap­pen to be ex­cep­tion­ally good at many things, and as a re­sult it’s of­ten those things that get me into trou­ble. Are you mates with Ben Cousins, Shane Warne or Wayne Carey? Benny and I are, but it’s dif­fi­cult be­cause we both were chas­ing af­ter the one bird a few years ago one night in WA and I ended up tak­ing her home and texted Benny the next day, but he never re­turned the text. I don’t know what sets me apart from other sports­men or why I have that ap­peal to the op­po­site sex. Mud just doesn’t stick. What type of girl­friend is Sharon? She is a chameleon in many ways. Peo­ple have cat­e­gorised her as be­ing dumb, but I tend to think of her as be­ing smart dumb. She is very, very smart at act­ing dumb. Is it dif­fi­cult to have a re­la­tion­ship when you are both a bit self-ob­sessed? No, I think it keeps the re­la­tion­ship fresh. I think that healthy dis­hon­esty keeps our re­la­tion­ship fresh. A lot of peo­ple say that you can’t have a re­la­tion­ship with­out hon­esty, but we dis­pel that the­ory.

Kick­ing goals: Ja­son Gann as Mark Wary and Abby Meates as Sharon, and (in­set) Wary and man­ager Jerry Da­bel­stein, played by Dailan Evans.

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