Herald Sun - Switched On - - Out Of The Box - with DAR­REN DEVLYN

You are part of a team on the show with Garry Lyon and Bill Brown­less and go up against the boys from the NRL Footy Show. Would it be fair to say the NRL guys proved them­selves to be all brawn and no brains? Look, we turned up hav­ing no idea what we were do­ing. One of the guys on our team weighs in at 110kg (Brown­less) and the other 100kg (Lyon). I was sim­ply think­ing we had the wrong-sized bodies to be fit­ting through those holes in the wall. On the other hand, the big chief Paul Har­ragon is a mon­ster, Matty Johns is tiny and Paul Vautin is no gi­ant. And they’re smart char­ac­ters. They are from the sharp end as TV pre­sen­ters. I un­der­stand there was a bit of arm-twist­ing in­volved in get­ting you guys to do the show? When we were shown the Ja­panese ver­sion of the show we said ‘‘ab­so­lutely no way’’, but then when you get a call from the CEO . . . As soon as we heard Fatty (Vautin) and the boys were com­ing down to do it, we thought if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. We de­cided to get in there and have a go at kick­ing a bit of a---. Ini­tially we were dread­ing hav­ing to do the show, but in the end it turned out to be a lot of fun. And Jules (host Jules Lund) is great value. Ev­ery­body talks about how un­flat­ter­ing the sil­ver suits look. Most fel­lows would have to be a bit em­bar­rassed about hav­ing to fill one of those out. They don’t look great, es­pe­cially on Bill. The rest of us re­alised early on how hor­ri­ble the suits look. We had to make some nec­es­sary ad­just­ments to the suits, put it that way. But Bill was too stupid to re­alise. The suits take for­ever to put on and I turned to Bill and said: ‘‘Are you happy with the way you look, or are you go­ing to fix it (the suit)?’’ He said ‘‘I’ve got it on now,’’ and I said ‘‘I don’t care, get it off again and do your­self a favour, will you?’’ It was pretty funny. The first wall we had to get through, Bill got caught in it and ended up sus­pended over the pool. Was there ex­tra em­bar­rass­ment be­cause bar­row-loads of ice were tipped into the dunk­ing pool be­fore you guys com­peted? It was mid-win­ter and freez­ing in there any­way. And we didn’t know they were go­ing to put ice in there un­til the very end. The first time you hit the wa­ter, it’s gen­uinely cold. Your heart stops for a bit. Our team leader (Lyon) put Bill and me in ev­ery chal­lenge and we were wet and freez­ing and he was dry as a chip. I said to him at one point: ‘‘Are you go­ing to step up and take con­trol or are you just go­ing to spec­tate?’’ There is a mo­ment in the show where Bill gives you a bear hug as a means of try­ing to get you both through a hole. What do you make of Bill’s ac­tions? It seems the older her gets, the more comfortable Bill is hug­ging other men. I had to say to him: ‘‘Back off, will you?’’ When Nine screened a teaser episode of Hole in the Wall, it rated ex­tremely well. What do you think that says about TV at the mo­ment? The great thing about Aussies is that they en­joy looking at peo­ple who don’t take them­selves too se­ri­ously. We like see­ing peo­ple taken out of their com­fort zone. Hole in the Wall, PG Chan­nel 9, tonight, 8pm Celebrity game show Du­ra­tion: 30 min­utes

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