View­ers don’t like sports stars read­ing the news or too many re­peats of their favourite pro­grams

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Stick to swim­ming, Grant from Max Adams, Bar­won Heads

GRANT Hack­ett was a great ath­lete. How­ever, stand­ing like a statue with no warmth or per­son­al­ity, recit­ing par­rot-fash­ion from cue cards will never make him an in­ter­est­ing sports­caster. In fact it’s a turn-off, so maybe Jo Hall should read the sport as well to keep the view­ers tuned in.

Sam has a fan from M. Ser­vice, Gold Coast

I DIS­AGREE with Ian Smith’s let­ter about Sam New­man’s con­tract. Chan­nel 9 has recog­nised the im­por­tant role Sam plays on The Footy Show. Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw and Trevor Mar­malade do a fan­tas­tic job and Sam’s Mail­bag, Street Talk and his ban­ter with guests com­bine to make The Footy Show a must for all gen­uine footy fans. Can’t wait for the 2009 footy sea­son and The Footy Show.

Yes­ter­day Tonight from Florence May­hew, Cam­ber­well

SEVEN’S To­day Tonight might have a bright new pre­sen­ter, but it’s still dish­ing up the same old garbage.

Transat­lantic re­peats from Lor­raine Lid­ston, Lower Tem­plestowe

I FEEL I must re­ply to Michael Scotts and the many oth­ers who com­plain about Ten (and pre­vi­ously Nine) re­peat­ing episodes of The Late Show with David Let­ter­man. If you go to the Late Show web­site, you will see a run-down of the week’s pro­grams. We see the shows the day af­ter they are screened in the US. The re­peats are also re­peats over there. The web­site will even tell you the orig­i­nal air dates.

Where’s the catch? from BP, Glen­roy

I WAS very sorry to see that none of the com­mer­cial sta­tions is go­ing to be show­ing Dead­li­est Catch. It is a re­ally good show. Is it pos­si­ble that it may come back to one of the com­mer­cial sta­tions?

Rem­edy for recorders from Sachin Stoner, Glen Waver­ley

UM. . . AMI the only who thinks those in­con­ve­nienced by shows run­ning over time, thus mess­ing with record­ings, should just set their recorders ear­lier and/or later just in case?

Re­gard­ing Henry from Danc­ing Fan, Li­ly­dale (Tas)

IN RE­SPONSE to Toni fan ( Guide, Oct 29), I too was sorry to see Toni Pearen’s de­par­ture from Danc­ing with the Stars, but for a dif­fer­ent rea­son— we are now de­prived of see­ing the gor­geous Henry Bya­likov. How any­one can de­scribe his danc­ing as ‘‘barely ad­e­quate’’ is be­yond be­lief. I thought he was the find of the se­ries. If there is an­other se­ries I hope Henry will again be given the chance to show his skills.

Feel­ing homi­ci­dal from Gabrielle, email

I AMa big fan of City Homi­cide and have been quite dis­ap­pointed in the past cou­ple of weeks with re­peat af­ter re­peat, be­cause I don’t think the new sea­son has fin­ished. So what’s with all the re­peats? Bring on some new episodes!

Lessons in lob­by­ing from Robin M, War­rnam­bool

RE: Mar­garet McKil­lop’s let­ter ( Guide, Nov 5). Mar­garet, do not ring the sta­tion, hit them where it hurts! Ring the peo­ple who ad­ver­tise on the sta­tion and tell them you will not be shop­ping with them any more be­cause they ad­ver­tise on sta­tion X. If enough irate peo­ple do this, things will start to change.

The 7.30 makeover from Keith and Chloe, Lang­war­rin

COULD the pow­ers that be at The 7.30 Re­port please give Kerry O’Brien the key to Ian Hen­der­son’s locker so he can dress like him. And maybe he can use Ian’s hair­dresser, too, be­cause some­times Kerry looks as if he has just got out of bed.

Bud’s no Churchill from A. Gard­ner, Hamp­ton Park

BUD Ting­well play­ing Sir Win­ston Churchill? Sorry, he looks noth­ing like Sir Win­ston.

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