TV pro­gram­mers who ditch well-loved shows and the net­works that run pro­mo­tions over the fi­nal cred­its feel the view­ers’ wrath

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Not tempted

from Carol, Carnegie WHEN I saw Temp­ta­tion was com­ing back on, I couldn’t have been more dis­ap­pointed if I found out the mul­let was re­turn­ing. Ed what­ev­er­his­nameis re­minds me of a car sales­man, and as for Livinia . . . please. I was one of the thou­sands who was so happy to watch Two and a Half Men at 7pm. Just what we need af­ter a hard day’s work, some hu­mour and lev­ity. I hoped with fin­gers crossed this show would ap­pear nightly at 7pm, and not dis­ap­pear like so many other good shows at the whim of the over­paid per­son in charge of pro­gram­ming. Don’t you ever con­sider your view­ers? Or do you just take a poll at your most re­cent din­ner gath­er­ing and take the con­sen­sus of peo­ple with no taste or dis­cre­tion in what they watch? Couldn’t Chan­nel 9 at least have put on King of Queens? Now I will be re­signed to the umpteenth re­run of Friends, just to es­cape Ed and Liv.

Give him out

from Bob Clarke, Moonah WHEN is ABC Sport go­ing to get rid of the dread­ful Kerry O’Ke­effe? This bloke was a medi­ocre spinner for Aus­tralia and he is an even worse ‘‘ex­pert’’ com­men­ta­tor for the ABC’s cricket broad­casts.

Sick of celebrity

from Arch, Frankston ARE we the most celebri­ty­ob­sessed na­tion on earth? Nicole had a baby. So did tens of mil­lions of other moth­ers, but ap­par­ently theirs weren’t im­por­tant. Why? It seems that if a bit player from some­thing as ob­scure as Hey Dad sneezes, we are be­sieged with head­lines ‘‘TV star struck down by mys­tery ill­ness’’. Why should peo­ple liv­ing in the real world and try­ing to cope with a se­ri­ous ill­ness to loved ones have to swal­low all this?

Tim­ing is ter­ri­ble

from Kathryn Ra­jt­ma­jer, South Oak­leigh WHAT’S go­ing on with the TV show tim­ings? Sur­vivor is on at 10.30pm Tues­days (Chan­nel 9) and He­roes is on at 11pm Thurs­days (Chan­nel 7). Two of my favourite shows put on at ridicu­lous hours! And now Chan­nel 10 is mov­ing Bold and the Beau­ti­ful to 6pm week­nights and not show­ing Su­per­nat­u­ral. My fam­ily is very un­happy with th­ese changes.

Give us credit

from J. Leece-Roberts, Rom­sey CHAN­NEL 10 is the worst of­fender of all sta­tions when cut­ting off the cred­its at the end of a film to ad­ver­tise forth­com­ing pro­grams. In­stead of com­mit­ting this ob­scen­ity fur­ther into the credit roll, they re­duce the cast list to such fine print that even an 80cm screen can’t make it leg­i­ble. Who­ever the morons are that make this de­ci­sion, they ob­vi­ously lack the cu­rios­ity and in­tel­li­gence of view­ers who need to know the iden­tity of ac­tors as part of the ap­pre­ci­a­tion of this art.

De­pressed by Dar­ren

from Hele Nikitenko, email TO AN­NOYED ( Guide, Nov 26), I re­ally en­joy lis­ten­ing to De­nis Wal­ter, but agree with you com­pletely about Dar­ren James. I am go­ing into deep de­pres­sion with the thought of lis­ten­ing to him and Tony Leonard fill­ing in for Ross and John when they go on their Christ­mas break. Can any­one sug­gest an­other sta­tion to lis­ten to over the break as Dar­ren and Tony’s cliche-rid­den show and their con­stant use of each other’s names (‘‘Yes Tony’’, ‘‘Good call Dar­ren’’) is nau­se­at­ing.

... but de­lighted by De­nis

from Joan, Park­dale RE: Betty Mars­den say­ing De­nis Wal­ter was a worse pre­sen­ter than Ernie Sigley ( Guide, Nov 19). De­nis is so much more pro­fes­sional, never in­ter­rupts his guests, is not opin­ion­ated like Ernie and makes all lis­ten­ers en­joy his show. Good luck De­nis, you are much ap­pre­ci­ated and I cer­tainly do not turn off now.

Anatomy of suc­cess

from Ian Bag­gott, Greens­bor­ough GOOD on Fox Clas­sics for show­ing great old movies like Anatomy of a Mur­der with its ter­rific court­room di­a­logue. What a re­fresh­ing al­ter­na­tive to the gim­micky tripe so de­void of sub­stance they serve up in cin­e­mas th­ese days.

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