Peace and good will to all chan­nels? No, Christ­mas is long gone and read­ers don’t rate what’s on of­fer when the rat­ings aren’t run­ning

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Who’s kid­ding Who?

from Nick, Wan­garatta WHAT a shame the ABC isn’t show­ing the Doc­tor Who Christ­mas spe­cial (again), pre­fer­ring to wait six months un­til the rat­ings are back on. Where’s the Christ­mas spirit? Guess I’ll be watch­ing it on YouTube again.

Give us an Ed start

from Jim, email I AGREE with the read­ers who wrote in sup­port­ing Temp­ta­tion and Ed Phillips— let’s get him back. Two and a Half Men is a good show, but af­ter the first half-dozen re­peats of the same episode, it’s quite bor­ing. I thought Chan­nel 7 was bad enough with M*A*S*H re­peats, but Nine is worse. I also fully sup­port the peo­ple who have had enough of shows run­ning over­time. Would some­one please tell the TV sta­tions it doesn’t work. I’ll watch what I want to watch, not your next pro­gram be­cause you have run over­time with your last one.

Be­yond the Fringe

from Janette, Wheel­ers Hill WHY do Nine per­sist in tak­ing off Fringe? It’s one of the best shows on TV and gets stars all the time. But when you turn on the TV to en­joy it there is a re­play of an ACA re­port about Ivan Mi­lat. For the life of me I don’t un­der­stand why they would pre­fer to air a re­peat and not a first-time view­ing of such an awe­some show. Shame.

Ex marks the spot

from Clare, Box Hill North SE­RI­OUSLY? Looks like Ten has again axed a pro­gram be­fore giv­ing it a proper chance. The Ex-List has dis­ap­peared from Mon­day nights af­ter about two weeks. Who cares about the rat­ings, Ten? It’s the non-rat­ings pe­riod. Just play the show. Ten keeps The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful in prime time and con­stant re-runs of Friends and The Simp­sons, but can’t play more than two weeks of an orig­i­nal show that we haven’t seen 1000 times.

Chan­nel tun­nel

from Tony, Seaford SO THE end of the year is here and chan­nels 7, 9 and 10 all scored an ‘‘F’’ for fail­ing ev­ery­thing. Their love of money is slowly killing them off. If they hold shows back, we watch them on DVD or the in­ter­net. SBS and ABC both get a ‘‘B’’ for tak­ing risks and show­ing pro­grams that start and end at the time they ad­ver­tise. They also get an A-plus for doc­u­men­taries and dar­ing to run some of the more un­usual shows. Keep it up next year.

Grant can’t hack it

from Kerry, Tatura I THOUGHT you would have to have some per­son­al­ity or charisma to be a pre­sen­ter on tele­vi­sion. Was Grant Hack­ett be­hind the door or, more to the point, in the back room when they were handed out? Try an­other pro­fes­sion, Grant, please.

Carol stinger

from Stan­ley Moon, Dan­de­nong I WAS hor­ri­fied to read that Chan­nel 9 was in­flict­ing Karl Ste­fanovic on us as host of Car­ols by Can­dle­light. Surely Suzie Wilks would have been a more ap­pro­pri­ate choice.

Break danc­ing

from David, email WHAT are the pro­duc­ers of Prison Break up to? Don’t they care any more? They seem to have re­mem­bered that Teabag has a pros­thetic hand, but not that Michael has tat­toos. In a re­cent episode, he had his sleeves rolled up and no tat­toos. Did he have laser surgery?

Rest­less wind

from Marjo, email I SUP­PORT Ja­nine Ba­jowski ( Guide, Nov 26) about the re­turn of The Young and the Rest­less. I have also been fol­low­ing that pro­gram for a long time, three decades in fact. Kindly re­con­sider putting The Young and the Rest­less back on. Here’s hop­ing.

Play­ing a rat­ing game

from G. Knight, Chel­tenham. I’M sorry to kick a dead horse but the TV rat­ing sys­tem con­tin­ues to in­ter­est me. I am a fit fortysome­thing, rea­son­ably in­tel­li­gent com­pany man­ager who is into most things but only ever watches one or two of your ‘‘top 20’’ shows. I like to watch TV but most of th­ese shows are a joke— lo­cal-con­tent fillers and Amer­i­can crime crap. I’m sure 99 per cent of peo­ple out there don’t watch drivel like Packed to the Rafters and Find My Fam­ily. Are th­ese fig­ures just to con the ad­ver­tis­ers? I think so.

Big is­sue

from Vera, Ver­mont I AGREE with M. Green­ing (Guide, Dec 10) re­gard­ing Karl Ste­fanovic. He is ir­ri­tat­ing and pre­ten­tious. And can any­one please tell me why he an­noy­ingly calls ev­ery male with whom he comes in con­tact ‘‘Big fella’’? This in­cludes the To­day weath­er­man, who can hardly be called big— he’s shorter than I am.

Ce­real pest

from B.W. Sa­maki, email THE episode of Face Paint­ing with Bill Leak fea­tur­ing ‘‘Boy’’ Charl­ton was bril­liant but for the out­door sound record­ing that sug­gested some­one was grind­ing Corn Flakes nearby. But then ABC-TV doco nar­ra­tion is of­ten drowned out by mu­sic any­way. Very un­pro­fes­sional. SBS does it bet­ter.

Face facts:

Bill Leak’s a hit but the sound on his show isn’t.

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