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WHO THEY ARE: Chuck Bass (Ed West­wick) and Nate Archibald (Chace Craw­ford), ridicu­lously rich and ridicu­lously good-looking high-school stu­dents on Gos­sip Girl. HOW THEY MET: They at­tend St Jude’s, a prep school for the sons of peo­ple who have money to burn. MOST BRO­MAN­TIC MO­MENT: When Nate’s fam­ily ended up broke, Chuck sold shares in Vic­trola— the club he’d es­tab­lished in the hope of at­tract­ing a lit­tle pos­i­tive at­ten­tion from Daddy— to help his bud’s fam­ily out of the bind. WHY THEY’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER: Nate is un­fazed by Chuck’s ma­nip­u­la­tive, oc­ca­sion­ally gross be­hav­iour. And Chuck doesn’t seem to no­tice Nate does lit­tle more than stare va­cantly and look con­fused.

Also, how many other peo­ple can pos­si­bly un­der­stand the bur­den of be­ing that rich and that pretty? ON-THE-ROCKS MO­MENT: Nate was not pleased when he found out Chuck took the vir­gin­ity of his ex-girl­friend, Blair, in the back of a limo. The two even­tu­ally made up, though, and if you can get past that, it’s bro­mance for real. FAVOURITE AC­TIV­ITY: They both en­joy an oc­ca­sional en­counter with a good-looking cougar— or even a very classy, vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter-spon­sored bash in that sum­mer colony of the rich, the Hamp­tons.


Ed West­wick.


Chace Craw­ford.

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