Un­der­belly gets smelly, Satur­day sport comes up short and an­other cook­ing show cops a roast­ing, but news is the reel deal

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Only news wor­thy

from Bar­bara, Boro­nia IT SAYS a lot about our Christ­mas/ New Year view­ing op­tions when six of the top 20, or should I say six of the top 12 pro­grams, last week were news or cur­rent af­fairs. For­tu­nately, I have dis­cov­ered ABC2.

No sport­ing chance

from Kerry, email WHO does the pro­gram­ming for the var­i­ous net­works? Can’t they see a huge po­ten­tial au­di­ence just wait­ing to be tapped? For ex­am­ple, on a re­cent Satur­day the choices on freeto-air were ABC: bas­ket­ball; Seven: ten­nis; Nine: horse racing; and Ten: beach cricket. Wow, what a choice! Not all view­ers are into sport, plus when you’re car­ing for a 90-plus per­son you’re not go­ing to nec­es­sar­ily be out at the beach or do­ing other en­ter­tain­ing ac­tiv­i­ties. Which net­work is go­ing to stand up and pro­vide pro­gram­ming for non-sport lovers?

Mur­phy’s law for sale

from R. Ed­wards, Scoresby D. JOHN­SON (Guide, Jan 7) is spot on, Steve Mur­phy has been do­ing a great job with Buy, Swap and Sell on 3AW. We don’t have to put up with bor­ing di­a­tribe about mo­tor scoot­ers, cats, fly­ing, Colling­wood, home im­prove­ments and all the other many things that Dar­ren James pur­ports to be an ex­pert at, plus the idea that cars built in the ’80s are ‘‘clas­sics’’. What a laugh! I stopped lis­ten­ing to the break­fast ses­sion un­til Ross and John re­turned for sim­i­lar rea­sons. Also, whose bright idea was it to put Ernie Sigley on with Bruce and Phil on Fri­day nights? It took years to get rid of him from the af­ter­noon shift, now they in­flict him on us dur­ing the evening.

Un­der­belly ache

from Tr­ish, email SO THE pro­duc­ers of Un­der­belly are promis­ing more nu­dity and sex in the new se­ries. Ugh! Do we re­ally need to see crim­i­nals ca­vort­ing naked? Couldn’t bear to see Matthew New­ton in the nude. Yuk!

Cooked to death

G. Aarons, Launch­ing Place THE TV rat­ings will soon start so good old Chan­nel 10 comes up with a cracker new show, an­other bor­ing cook­ing show (MasterChef Aus­tralia) five nights a week. Give us a break. How many are on TV al­ready. What next? Aus­tralia’s Best Fast-Food Out­lets?

A host of a chance

from Lucy, Mt El­iza I DIS­AGREE with Vera of Ver­mont (Guide, Dec 31) say­ing that Karl Ste­fanovic is ir­ri­tat­ing and pre­ten­tious. I think he and Lisa are great. The rea­son I turn to Sun­rise so of­ten is the loud, over-the-top, re­ally an­noy­ing Richard Reid, who can only talk about brain­less air­heads. Wake up, Nine: no won­der Sun­rise wins the rat­ings.

For cry­ing out loud

from Jill, Dal­las PLEASE Chan­nel 9 can you re­place Richard Reid on To­day? He is so an­noy­ing and too loud. Do us a favour and get him off.

Idiot box on mar­ket

from David, Car­rum Downs I’VE just fin­ished read­ing the ar­ti­cle about the 2009 line-ups on our com­mer­cial net­works (Guide, Jan 7). Is there any­one out there who would like to buy a 12-year-old Pana­sonic 72cm tele­vi­sion?

A Hughes and cry

from John, email I AGREE with Sally (Guide, Jan 7). Ed Kavalee is great. I loved him on his ra­dio show with Tony Martin and The Wrong Way Home. But the new move has cre­ated a dilemma: I like him as much as I de­test that whin­ing drone of Dave Hughes and sadly I think the lat­ter will win. He’s a one-di­men­sional bore.

Hot Gos­sip wanted

from Stephanie Corsetti, Strathmore LAST week Chan­nel 9 com­mit­ted the ul­ti­mate so­cial crime by yank­ing Gos­sip Girl off at the 11th hour. Do we re­ally need two episodes of ER in a row? I waited all last year for Gos­sip Girl to sass up free-to-air screens and I de­serve my weekly dose of teen angst. So please bring the bitch­i­ness back as soon as pos­si­ble.

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