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Your say, c/o the Guide, PO Box 14735, Mel­bourne City MC, Vic­to­ria, 8001 fax: 9292 1177 email: tvguide@her­ald­sun.com.au All let­ters must carry your name and ad­dress to be el­i­gi­ble for pub­li­ca­tion. If you don’t want your name pub­lished, just say so. Caro­line Wil­son flicks her head back on Footy Classified? Surely some­body in the makeup depart­ment at Chan­nel 9 could find a pin and put it in her hair.

Fat lot of good

from Dis­il­lu­sioned, email BIG­GEST Loser? Big­gest rig! The peo­ple pro­duc­ing this show ob­vi­ously think the view­ing pub­lic is a lit­tle thick in the head rather than the waist­line. They aren’t even sub­tle about it. I’m switch­ing off.

It’s all an act

from Ann, email IN AN­SWER to ‘‘Act­ing the part’’ (Guide, Mar 18): I agree with Michael McCrae about Aaron Ped­er­sen in City Homi­cide: that guy couldn’t act if his life de­pended on it. He is cer­tainly wooden and he over­acts. I’ve al­ways thought that right from the word go. I don’t like him as an ac­tor be­cause he’s not.

Re­peats too old

from Pa­tri­cia, View­bank WE ALL know the ABC re­peats its night-time pro­grams dur­ing the day, which is great for those who missed them at night, but why are The Col­lec­tors (2007), The Ein­stein Fac­tor (2008) and The New In­ven­tors (2008) pro­grams from long ago shown rather than a re­peat of the one from a few days ago?

Miss­ing decades

from Ge­off, email VEGA’S ID of the ’70s, ’80s and the best new songs is ridicu­lous con­sid­er­ing they play ’60s and ’90s songs.

Cam­eras out of step

from Jamie Davin, Mul­grave CHAN­NEL 10 needs to dras­ti­cally im­prove the cam­era an­gles and lighting choices made on So You Think You Can Dance. It’s very frus­trat­ing watch­ing such qual­ity danc­ing with such poor cam­er­a­work.

Sideshow Grant

from Arch, Frankston GRANT Denyer re­minds me of Trevor Mar­malade. They both sit in the wings and in­ter­rupt their shows with ridicu­lous, un­funny com­ments. At least The Footy Show saw the light and flicked Mar­malade. I’ll start watch­ing Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent again when Seven be­comes sim­i­larly en­light­ened.

Keep in time

from Hay­den, Hei­del­berg WHY are the 6.30pm cur­rent-af­fairs pro­grams (par­tic­u­larly Chan­nel 9’s) al­lowed to run up to 10 min­utes over­time ev­ery night? This causes the fol­low­ing pro­grams to be shown well af­ter the ad­ver­tised time. If a pro­gram is ad­ver­tised at a par­tic­u­lar time, surely it’s up to the sta­tion eth­i­cally and legally to hold to that time?

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