Dou­ble fault the job’s only draw­back

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ANY reck­on­ing, Matthew White had a big 2009. One minute he was do­ing the fox­trot on Danc­ing with the Stars, the next he was in front of the cam­era for Chan­nel 7’s cov­er­age of the V8 Su­per­cars. Not to men­tion his top-rat­ing ef­forts as host of To­day Tonight.

Af­ter a hol­i­day by the beach with his wife, Amanda, and their daugh­ters Taila, 7, and Ma­son, 4, White (left) is back on the box pre­sent­ing Aus­tralian Open ten­nis.

The only prob­lem is, be­ing on tele­vi­sion has its draw­backs. The 39-year-old missed his youngest daugh­ter’s first day of school. You did Danc­ing with the Stars, Aus­tralian Open ten­nis Chan­nel 7, primetime cov­er­age from 7pm pre­sented the motorsport cov­er­age and cel­e­brated your first year as To­day Tonight host in Septem­ber. What sac­ri­fices have come with so much work? I’m start­ing the year with a bang by com­men­tat­ing at the ten­nis and the only down­side is I’ll miss my youngest daugh­ter’s first day of school, be­cause it will be right in the mid­dle of the tour­na­ment. I’m also go­ing to miss a game of cricket we have each Aus­tralia Day that has been go­ing on for more than 10 years now with school­mates. How would you de­scribe your first year pre­sent­ing To­day Tonight? I’m feel­ing re­ally good, ac­tu­ally. It’s prob­a­bly been the busiest year I’ve ever had, and that’s been the way for me for the past three years. Ev­ery year has been busier than the year be­fore. Danc­ing soaked up a good three or four months. Are you still in tip-top shape af­ter Danc­ing with the Stars? The weight falls off and just keeps fall­ing off with danc­ing, so prob­a­bly one of the big­gest things that hap­pened is that the poor wardrobe girls had to re-size all my suits. What do you en­joy most about pre­sent­ing the ten­nis? That was part of the deal with TT (To­day Tonight), that all the sport stuff stays. Amanda looked at me like, ‘‘You’re a fool, what are you do­ing?’’ (laughs), but I love do­ing the sports stuff. The ten­nis is a great way to start the year, not only the fact that it’s an awe­some event, but it’s a great way to start from a job point of view be­cause it’s quite in­tense. You can’t ease your way back into it, you are straight back into it. And it’s a big event, a bloody big way to start the year, and that’s what I love. Will there be any changes to To­day Tonight this year? The for­mat will pretty much stay the same, but it’s a con­stant tweak and there will prob­a­bly be a few tweaks to the set, though noth­ing dra­matic.

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