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WELL if you wanted any fur­ther ev­i­dence that the sun dam­ages your skin, you re­ally only needed to look at how True Blood ended last week, with Eric and Rus­sell ly­ing out on the ground out­side Fang­ta­sia, hand­cuffed to­gether, slowly fry­ing. It must be what a der­ma­tol­o­gist sees when he puts on his spe­cial glasses and looks at some old ac­tress’s face. Ter­ri­fy­ing. And Eric is so beau­ti­ful. Such a waste. He won’t re­ally die the true death will he? Sookie won’t al­low it, surely. Bill or no Bill. (Bill — please. She’s back­ing the wrong horse there.) Sookie whose blood tastes like par­adise, arcadia, nir­vana, ac­cord­ing to nutty old Rus­sell. I don’t want Rus­sell to die ei­ther, if I’m hon­est. I mean yes, he ripped out a news­reader’s or­gans on na­tional tele­vi­sion. On the other hand . . . hmmm . . . he is a highly en­ter­tain­ing char­ac­ter, the campest, most dra­matic vam­pire on the show. The oth­ers, even though they have some fan­tas­tic lines, tend to take the un­dead thing to its limit, and walk around all pale and wan and life­less. Ev­ery­thing Rus­sell says be­gins and ends with a ma­jor flour­ish. I love him. Even ly­ing there look­ing like he’s in that paint ad that takes place in the desert, there’s plenty of kick left in him. You have to re­spect that. He is af­ter all the King of Mis­sis­sippi. And three thou­sand years old. As dis­turb­ing as it was to hear him dis­miss Eric as noth­ing more than a lump of mus­cle with a blood grudge, I thought, hmmm, he’s kind of got some­thing there.

But what if True Blood has now peaked? I’ve watched tonight’s fi­nal episode and it’s sen­sa­tional, so much fun, and there are things I want to see hap­pen, but if they don’t, I’m cool with that. Be­cause this has eas­ily been the best sea­son so far. It’s been all about the vam­pires. Al­though I have to say, how great has it been to see Sam’s lid come off? This has been a melt­down that’s been so well paced. He held it to­gether for 45 episodes, so calm and ra­tio­nal and easy­go­ing and god, don’t you have to watch those types. True Blood Show­case, Fox­tel/Aus­tar, 8.30pm

Sookie: Anna Paquin

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