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HENRY Win­kler’s my next guest. He talks to us about dyslexia. These are I swear the first words Wil­liam Shat­ner says on his talk show tonight. But I sup­pose you don’t open the show with a show-stop­per.

Henry’s straight into it too. I don’t know who the edi­tor on this was, Freddy Krueger? ‘‘ Ron Howard and the peo­ple from Happy Days are part of my fam­ily. I see them or talk to them all the time.’’ Shat­ner: ‘‘ Do you see them on a weekly ba­sis?’’ Henry Win­kler: ‘‘ No. But a lot. (Pic­ture comes up of them all circa now and Ron Howard’s not in it.) Ron Howard is like fam­ily. He is my younger brother . . . When­ever I had a prob­lem and I needed to work it out, I would go to Mar­ion Ross,’’ he says.

Like what prob­lems, Shat­ner wants to know. ‘‘ Like, um, ah, I was hav­ing a so­cial prob­lem’’ . . . Shat­ner’s wait a minute — get some clo­sure. He’s talk­ing about dyslexia now. He’s di­ag­nosed at 31 — and this is the best bit — seven years af­ter he’d grad­u­ated from Yale with a masters in fine arts. Yale. Didn’t Ge­orge W. Bush also go to Yale?

I like him though. He’s not a ly­ing ac­tor, say­ing any­thing to sell a com­mod­ity. He didn’t love his par­ents. He ad­mired them, he said, and I re­spected him for say­ing that pub­licly and not just fak­ing emo­tion. They be­rated him for his poor aca­demic per­for­mance, ter­ri­bly, by the sound of it, and that stayed with him, maybe de­fined him.

He’s a writer now of chil­dren’s books, but he says he still au­di­tions for movies. A lot. Maybe his younger brother Ron Howard could find him a role in one. what does that mean? Yes, what does that mean?

It’s Hollywood, so I im­me­di­ately had all sorts of ideas. It in­volves a woman called Mag­gie and an in­cred­i­bly bor­ing story. But he’s now mar­ried to a woman called Stacey, a sub­ti­tled card comes up at the bot­tom of the screen to tell us in the mid­dle of his anec­dote.

It’s like there’s a pro­ducer up in the booth go­ing please, we’re los­ing the will to live, put the wife’s name up so we can

Host: Wil­liam Shat­ner

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