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ICAN see Asher Ked­die as Ita But­trose. I was think­ing about this piece of cast­ing as I was watch­ing this week’s Off­spring and I thought yeah, that’s not that dumb. Maybe some work on the voice but that’d be easy enough. Get a cou­ple of teeth re­moved, I don’t know. Any­thing for your art, right?

So I’m at some­thing the other night — OK, Fox­tel’s 15th birth­day party — and I’m talk­ing to a cou­ple of peo­ple and Ita comes past. I won­der if it’s bad form to re­lay a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion? Prob­a­bly. On the other hand, ev­ery­body knows what I do for a liv­ing. Any­way, we’d been talk­ing about Mad Men, how fan­tas­tic it is, blah blah, and one of us turns to her and says, you watch­ing it, ex­pect­ing her to go, of course, be­cause it’s al­most a rhetor­i­cal ques­tion in a room like that, and Ita, and God I loved this, I wish you could’ve seen the look on her face, goes, no, I’m not watch­ing it — ‘‘ I was there’’.

If John Ed­wards and Imo­gen Banks can cap­ture one frac­tion of this in their Cleo tele­movie, clearly it’ll be a smash hit.

I’ve de­cided, and it’s taken me a while to come round to this po­si­tion, that Asher Ked­die is fairly ver­sa­tile. Nina Proud­man drives me in­sane with her hope­less­ness but that just tells me Asher Ked­die is do­ing a good job. This week Nina leaves her hand­bag on the roof of her car and runs over some­body. Who does that? My cousin drove down the street with the cat on the roof once. He’d gone to sleep on it and she’d driven off with him still there. He was old and she was giddy — the wav­ing she just put down to peo­ple say­ing hello — but a hand­bag? And can I just ask you this — why are the rest of us ex­pected to turn off our phones at the door of a hos­pi­tal yet Nina can con­tinue to send and re­ceive text mes­sages while preg­nant women have their feet in stir­rups and that pho­tog­ra­phy gel on their stom­ach and are try­ing to en­joy that emo­tional there’s a pic­ture of some­thing that might very well be my baby moment? For one thing, I would hardly have thought it’s hy­gienic. Maybe that’s the think­ing now. Ex­pose them to disgusting things while the child is still in deep, stop the ex­pen­sive auto-im­mune dis­eases in their tracks.

The phone is an im­por­tant mo­tif through­out Off­spring. If Off­spring were made by Al­fred Hitch­cock the phone would be called a McGuf­fin. Nina Proud­man, with dif­fer­ent wardrobe choices, could be a Hitch­cock blonde. And I fear (hope) if she tells her sis­ter she had a drunken shag with her sis­ter’s boyfriend, the re­sults could also be Hitch­cock­ian. They won’t be though.

I wish Nina and Mick had waited un­til Bil­lie and Mick were mar­ried, it’d be a much more ex­cit­ing, dan­ger­ous show then. But John Ed­wards and Imo­gen Banks have al­ready made that show. It was called Tan­gle.

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