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Axbo, $279/$319


WOULDN’T it be nice to be wo­ken up when you’re ready rather than be­ing wrenched from a deep sleep? That can hap­pen with the Axbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. Re­search from the Siesta Group in­di­cates the way we are wo­ken in the morn­ing can af­fect our en­tire day.

An adult sleep cy­cle moves from light to deep sleep four to five times a night.

Us­ing patented technology, this alarm clock can monitor these phases and choose the light­est sleep pe­riod close to your des­ig­nated wak­ing time to rouse you.

The clock does this via a small, non-in­tru­sive wrist­band which con­tains a small sen­sor mon­i­tor­ing your move­ments: the more move­ment it de­tects, the lighter you are sleep­ing.

The Axbo chooses a time within 30 min­utes of your des­ig­nated wake-up time and rouses you with the sound of birds chirp­ing, or an­other of the six pre-set sounds.

The wash­able wrist­band also comes in handy when you need to know the time in bed. A but­ton on the sen­sor il­lu­mi­nates the dis­play.

The more of­ten you use this wrist­band and the alarm, the more it learns about your sleep­ing pat­terns and can choose the right time to wake you.

The Axbo alarm is a stylish square shape with a translu­cent dis­play avail­able in four colours: black, white, pink and red.

There’s also a two-per­son model that comes with two wrist­bands and al­lows users to set dif­fer­ent wake-up times. It emits a low acous­tic sig­nal to rouse the lighter sleeper with­out dis­turb­ing their part­ner.

The clock can also lull you to sleep with three sounds, in­clud­ing one that sounds like the sea.


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