It’s vi­cious as well, and graphic ... re­minded me of Clock­work Orange

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SO YOU know what tril­ogy means. It means if you de­cide to watch Red Rid­ing Tril­ogy on Tues­day night you’ll be com­mit­ting your­self to the other two films as well. There’s not re­ally any other way around it.

But you’ll need to be feel­ing strong. Noth­ing here is pretty. I was try­ing to re­call the last time I was so af­fected by vi­o­lence on screen and I couldn’t think of one. I’ve got a bad me­mory though.

I don’t mean vi­o­lence like in the Saw movies, which is just stu­pid­ity. I mean cor­rupt cops shoot­ing peo­ple in the head, run­ning all man­ner of rack­ets, burn­ing an­other cop’s house down. Vi­o­lence peo­ple are help­less to stop. But it’s vi­cious as well, and graphic. Re­ally ter­ri­fy­ing. It ac­tu­ally re­minded me a bit of Clock­work Orange. And as it hap­pens one of the cops in this is War­ren Clarke — Dalziel from Dalziel and Pas­coe, in a some­what, um, grit­tier role — who was in Clock­work Orange.

God the cops. It’s ter­ri­ble. So dis­turb­ing. I thought, go­ing in, what could be worse than the mess that was made of the Peter Sut­cliffe in­ves­ti­ga­tion? The York­shire Rip­per? I’d love to know just how true the facts of this are. Just how much of an ac­tive po­lice cover-up there was, or if it was more dun­der­headed bungling.

‘‘ See this?’’ one of them says point­ing to the coun­try­side from the back of a po­lice van, mo­ments be­fore they’re about to throw some­one out the back while it’s still mov­ing. ‘‘ This is the north. And we do what we want.’’

This is about the York­shire Rip­per and it isn’t. It’s more about cor­rup­tion than about one man’s crimes. His name doesn’t even come up this week — it takes place in 1974 and his ca­reer in se­rial murder be­gan in 1975, but there are crimes that hap­pen, have al- ready hap­pened, mur­ders, that will still be re­ver­ber­at­ing within West York­shire in 1983, when the last film is set.

Peo­ple other than Sut­cliffe’s vic­tims die. I felt like part of me died watch­ing it. It’s very stress­ful. But — hey! — I love stuff like this. It con­firms ev­ery­thing I al­ready be­lieve any­way. Bleak, de­press­ing, vi­o­lent, I can’t tell you how much I en­joyed it.

The three films have the same cast all the way through, apart from the ones who die hor­ri­bly, and the same screen­writer — Tony Grisoni, the guy who also wrote the script for Fear and Loathing in Las Ve­gas — but three dif­fer­ent di­rec­tors. Ju­lian Jarrold (Brideshead Re­vis­ited and Be­com­ing Jane) made the one that’s on Tues­day night, and the main guy in it — re­mem­ber him. An­drew Garfield. He’s the new Spi­der Man.

Ter­ri­fy­ing: An­drew Garfield plays rookie jour­nal­ist Ed­die Dun­ford in Red Rid­ing Tril­ogy.

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