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DO I need to just do a quick re­cap of what took place on Iden­tity last week? It was the first episode so maybe I should. This show’s all right for a Fri­day night if you’ve given up leav­ing the house, or on most things, or are record­ing Break­ing Bad for an in­ten­sive view­ing ex­pe­ri­ence at a later date, or can’t ac­tu­ally bring your­self to watch a show called My Pe­nis and Ev­ery­one Else’s. SBS, yeah.

So Iden­tity is set in an­other one of those units in the po­lice force. I don’t know why there’s any un­em­ploy­ment any­where, be­cause surely with all these units— se­ri­ous crime, spe­cial crime, crim­i­nal crime, blah de blah crime— any­body on the dole could just be ab­sorbed into one of these and prob­lem solved.

Kee­ley Hawes — DSI Martha Law­son — spent five years shep­herd­ing the iden­tity unit through the po­lit­i­cal maze of Scot­land Yard and last week she de­cided she wanted DI John Bloom on it. He spent 15 years un­der­cover, which I think you’ll agree if this was real life would be a stupid amount of time. He’s a bit of a mess for sev­eral rea­sons, in­clud­ing be­cause he is known part time as Bren­dan Bloom, money laun­derer, who worked (might still work) for the Turk­ish mafia. The bit on their tax re­turn where they have to write oc­cu­pa­tion? They put down heroin traf­fick­ers. But this is why Martha’s so hot for him — a ge­nius, yes, but be­cause he spent so much time pre­tend­ing to be some­one else. We’ve all got a se­cret dou­ble life, he said re­as­sur­ingly to one of the killer’s vic­tims last week. That’s Bloom’s thing. He does it at the end of tonight’s episode too. Sits down like it’s a celebrity in­ter­view for a one-on-one with the mur­derer. ‘‘ Let’s talk crazy. I know crazy.’’ He doesn’t say this but he may as well. Tonight then. A stab­bing in Syd­ney. English girls, trav­ellers, stolen iden­tity. And look, it says it’s Syd­ney but you’ve never seen a rock­ier beach. It’s a con­vo­luted story, an un­likely psy­chodrama, but the act­ing keeps it afloat. I like the idea of it too, want­ing to be some­body else and just do­ing it. Iden­tity ABC1, 9.25pm

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