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OMG — Louis Th­er­oux’s ad­dicted to meth? . . . My Em­mys high­light this year was when Ricky Ger­vais was hand­ing out the what­ever tro­phy and one of the peo­ple up for it was called Bucky Gunts and Ricky was just thrilled there was some­body with a name like that, and he was like, wow, I didn’t think you were still al­lowed to say these words on tele­vi­sion . . . it was hi­lar­i­ous.

Any­way, Bucky Gunts won, and Ricky Ger­vais was more ex­cited than Bucky Gunts was. I hate say­ing this, be­cause I love this man so much, and Stephen Mer­chant and Karl Pilk­ing­ton, but some­times I don’t al­ways find The Ricky Ger­vais Show com­pletely hi­lar­i­ous.

It’s not them though, it’s to­tally my fault. It must be. Be­cause I watched tonight’s episode, just to dou­ble check, and laughed and laughed.

Karl Pilk­ing­ton had one of his coun­cil es­tate sto­ries about a woman who walked around with a baby in a pram. He de­scribed her as home­less only she ac­tu­ally lived there where he and his fam­ily lived in a hous­ing es­tate, and she didn’t have a baby in the pram ei­ther, it was a bucket with a face drawn on it.

Karl is ridicu­lously funny, and Ricky Ger­vais just laughs stupidly at ev­ery­thing he says which makes me laugh more.

Laughs: They’re sit­ting there as car­toons, which I quite en­joy. One of their favourite topics is mon­keys. And penises. Of course. They blend them tonight, al­most seam­lessly, in a won­der­ful story — from a news­pa­per, ap­par­ently, but I think you and I know that’s pretty un­likely — about a chim­panzee maul­ing. Please don’t write in now and tell me a chim­panzee isn’t a mon­key, you’ll be missing the point and come off as hu­mour­less, and I don’t know that you’ll want that. They also get in a dis­cus­sion about Carol Thatcher eat­ing a kan­ga­roo’s pe­nis. Bit of a lo­cal an­gle for us, which is a nice touch. The Ricky Ger­vais Show SBS, 9.20pm Louis Th­er­oux: Ad­dicted to Crys­tal Meth BBC Knowl­ege, Fox­tel/ Aus­tar, 8.30pm

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