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SHE doesn’t care what the truth is, as long as I do what she says. How’s that for in­sight from Sally Draper aged, I don’t know, 12? She’s talk­ing about her mother. If any­one should be see­ing a psy­chi­a­trist, it’s her. I loved that scene last week, Sally sit­ting there on the couch play­ing cards with the shrink, the two of them dis­cussing Betty Draper like a pair of pro­fes­sion­als.

Dr Edna’s got one of those voices that if I lis­ten to it for more than about 20 sec­onds I go to sleep. She’s all, your mother has so many stresses Sally, that’s why she gets mad at you, not be­cause you did any­thing wrong, do you have any aces . . . and Sally’s I know, do you have any jacks . . .

Then Betty ar­rives with her clenched jaw and the chainsmok­ing and says how Henry re­minds her of Don. Hardly. Any­way, thanks to Don’s high-risk Why I’m Quit­ting To­bacco ad in The New York Times, the agency is in line for some work for the Amer­i­can Can­cer So­ci­ety. An an­ti­smok­ing cam­paign. Roger finds it hys­ter­i­cal. He hopes he didn’t blow it, he says, be­cause it took him five min­utes to stop laugh­ing when they rang.

It’ll be a pub­lic ser­vice an­nounce­ment but it’s get­ting their name out there. They re­ally, re­ally need this job.

There are three big shocks in this episode. It’s the sea­son fi­nal, so you’d ex­pect some­thing. Peo­ple— id­iots, not you — some­times say to me that this show is too slow for them. That noth­ing hap­pens. Which is clearly not true, but that aside, how do they cope with the bor­ing day-to-day te­dious­ness of life? There are flashes of en­joy­ment, but how long do they last? Re­al­is­ti­cally?

Jon Hamm’s eyes, I don’t know what kind of life he’s had but it’s be­yond act­ing what goes on there. There’s a scene in Anna’s house, the real Mrs Draper, who died, when he sees the Dick + Anna ’ 64 he painted on her liv­ing room wall, you’ve never seen any­thing sad­der than the look on his face.

This is a tele­vi­sion show. And it’s one of those flashes of en­joy­ment I was talk­ing about. Mad Men Movie Ex­tra, Fox­tel/Aus­tar 8.30pm

Prize eyes: Jon Hamm

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