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YOU WANT 2 per cent or skim? This is al­most my favourite line of the en­tire episode, Wal­ter White look­ing over at his wife at break­fast and ask­ing her if she would like milk with two per cent fat or if she’d rather skim milk. Min­utes ear­lier he’s had a phone call from Jesse, hys­ter­i­cal be­cause he’s just wo­ken up and found ... one moment please . . . Can I just in­ter­rupt here and ask did you hap­pen to start watch­ing Break­ing Bad right from the start last week on ABC1? Might I rec­om­mend then that you STOP READ­ING right now? It’s do­ing my head in, writ­ing about se­ries one and se­ries two and now ABC2 will prob­a­bly start show­ing se­ries three soon and then in a few months Fox­tel/Aus­tar will have se­ries four . . . So any­way, Jesse’s just wo­ken up and he’s lost it and phoned Wal­ter and Wal­ter soothes him like he’s talk­ing to his lit­tle baby Holly, and ac­tu­ally it’s a very telling scene be­cause he’s hold­ing Holly at the time and there’s hardly a peep out of her, and he calls Mike, the clean-up spe­cial­ist who works for Saul Good­man (‘‘Bet­ter Call Saul!’’) who ar­rives at Jesse’s and goes to work. And this has all gone down and there’s Wal­ter ask­ing Skyler if she wants two per cent or skim. That’s what the show is all about to me. Wal­ter and his dou­ble life, and how he man­ages it, as calm as Michael Cor­leone the war hero an­nounc­ing to the fam­ily that if some­body can get a gun in the res­tau­rant he’ll take care of McCluskey and Sol­lozzo. Wal­ter is the crim­i­nal in this show, not Jesse.

But this isn’t how tonight’s episode starts. The eye, the kid’s toy we’ve been see­ing float­ing in the Whites’ pool all sea­son, it’s fi­nally get­ting scooped out. It’s a bad scene, very bad. With of­fi­cial­look­ing ve­hi­cles in at­ten­dance and peo­ple in haz-mat suits and we don’t know why and it’s all black and white and pink and sun.

What’s ahead, you won’t see any of it com­ing, the way it ends, it will just blow you away, and that’s ex­actly what you want. Break­ing Bad ABC2, 9.30pm

Walt: Bryan Cranston

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