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IDON’T know what this 7.45 start’s all about. You’ve just been sit­ting there since 7.30 wait­ing for some­thing to hap­pen. Where’s the show? S’pose if it’s the other way, if it was on at 7.15, you’d be livid if you got to 7.30 and turned the TV on and found it was half over. Or you would be if it wasn’t Re­pub­lic of Doyle. You could miss 15 min­utes of this, you wouldn’t care at all. I would’ve pre­ferred it, actu- ally. They re­ally only play the an­noy­ing Ir­ish jig at the start, for one thing. I’ve de­cided I al­most want no mu­sic in any­thing any­more. Un­less it’s some­thing re­ally in­cred­i­ble, like Bernard Her­rmann and the vi­o­lins and Janet Leigh get­ting sliced up in the shower.

So. Re­pub­lic of Doyle. No vi­o­lence here. I knew there wouldn’t be. Times­lot, yeah, but also that mu­sic. Why there’s Ir­ish mu­sic, I’m not en­tirely sure. Nor have I fig­ured out why the lead ac­tor is played by Sean McGin­ley, who’s Ir­ish. Ev­ery­body else is Cana­dian, and the show is set in New­found­land. McGin­ley plays Malachy Doyle, the fa­ther in a fa­ther and son de­tec­tive agency. Jake (Al­lan Hawco) is the son. Tonight’s case in­volves a guy called Carl Ma­her who has just been let out of jail af­ter serv­ing 12 years of a life sen­tence he got for mur­der­ing his wife. He says he didn’t do it, which the state be­lieved, and handed him $3.8 mil­lion in dam­ages. Carl has now hired the Doyles at a rate of $100,000 — some­what more than their go­ing rate — to find the real killer. Jake’s keen to have a look at it, what with the $100,000 fee and all, but Malachy, who was there in court ev­ery day and says there wasn’t a tear out of Carl the whole time, doesn’t want to touch it. Peo­ple think there’s some­thing wrong with you if you don’t cry on sad oc­ca­sions. So­ci­ety de­mands it and the sanc­tions can be grave if you don’t. Ever read The Out­sider? That book by Ca­mus? The guy in that didn’t cry when his mother died and he ended up get­ting his head cut off. Re­pub­lic of Doyle ABC2, 7.45pm

Jake: Al­lan Hawco

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