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BETTY White. I’d gone off her on ac­count of that id­i­otic Hot in Cleve­land show. I’ve been deeply concerned. Not re­ally. I’d just thought it was an­other re­la­tion­ship over. But we’re back on in a big way, now that I’ve seen her in tonight’s episode of Com­mu­nity. She plays Prof June Bauer, who teaches the an­thro­pol­ogy class at Green­dale Com­mu­nity Col­lege that Jeff and the oth­ers are tak­ing this se­mes­ter. And by oth­ers I also mean Senor Chang, the un­hinged Span­ish tu­tor, who is now ap­par­ently a stu­dent. Why is he in their an­thro­pol­ogy class? ‘‘ Have you checked out the course de­scrip­tion?’’ is his re­sponse when they ques­tion him about it. ‘‘ An­cient weaponry, gen­i­tal mu­ti­la­tion . . . this sub­ject’s talk­ing my Changuage.’’

This is the first episode of the sec­ond se­ries, and things are a bit tense af­ter the way things ended up last sea­son, what with Britta telling Jeff she loved him, and Jeff spurn­ing her. Well, he’s pay­ing for it now. The en­tire col­lege is os­tracis­ing him.

It’s a very funny episode, thanks very much to Betty White, who is fan­tas­tic. They all are, it’s a great cast.

I also found plenty to laugh at dur­ing Gos­sip Girl. Such as the idea of Blair spend­ing the sum­mer sit­ting in front of her favourite Monet and read­ing Co­lette in the park. I can’t tell if she’s ac­tu­ally into them or if they’re just man bait. Man bait? That’s what I thought. Ser­ena, on the other hand, falls asleep at night think­ing about guys named Louis Vuit­ton and Lau­rent. It’s the sea­son-four opener tonight and the fall­out from the end of se­ries three is still very raw. Of course it is. It could hardly have been more dra­matic. Chuck Bass is still missing. He got shot, re­mem­ber. Nate’s got the right idea I think: ‘‘ The key to a good re­la­tion­ship is no re­la­tion­ship at all.’’ Dan­ger­ous curves ahead: a girl called Juliet. Un­less it’s hip among the rich Man­hat­tan crowd these days to have stalk­ers’ things stuck to your wall . . . un­guarded pho­tos of other peo­ple and a mug shot of your­self, stuff like that . . . Com­mu­nity GO!, 9.30pm Gos­sip Girl Fox8, Fox­tel/Aus­tar, 8.30pm

Fan­tas­tic: Betty White.

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