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IF YOU lis­ten care­fully, you can hear that Wil­liam McInnes has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he nar­rates new ob­ser­va­tional show The En­forcers.

Maybe that’s be­cause we’re not talk­ing Border Se­cu­rity here. Coun­cil rangers and of­fi­cers are hardly go­ing to stop il­le­gal drug ship­ments or catch ter­ror­ists.

In­stead, The En­forcers is all about dan­ger­ous dogs, park­ing tick­ets, neigh­bour­hood dis­putes and live­stock on the loose.

The renowned ac­tor (Blue Heel­ers, Curtin, East West 101) and author (A Man’s Got to Have a Hobby) has al­ways been a sucker for a funny Aussie yarn. There are plenty of those on The En­forcers. Why did you de­cide to sign on as host of The idea of The En­forcers is to push the idea of ob­ser­va­tional doc­u­men­tary side­ways. It is not life or death stuff like Border Se­cu­rity or Cus­toms. In­stead, it’s tak­ing what is per­ceived to be a pretty ir­ri­tat­ing and mun­dane job and ob­serv­ing it. These guys deal with all strata of so­ci­ety. Ev­ery­body has prob­a­bly wanted to scream at a coun­cil worker, par­tic­u­larly a park­ing in­spec­tor. A lot of coun­cil reg­u­la­tions an­noy peo­ple . . . Aus­tralians like to think of them­selves as laid-back and easy­go­ing, but we’re ac­tu­ally a pretty heav­ily reg­u­lated so­ci­ety with laws gov­ern­ing al­most ev­ery­thing we do. On a fed­eral level, peo­ple like that be­cause they are wor­ried about who or what might come into the coun­try. Those very same peo­ple who think we have to have stronger border con­trols hate reg­u­la­tions for things like rub­bish re­moval. These guys in uni­forms and straw hats

have to en­force them. Af­ter watch­ing the se­ries, I’d say a lot of coun­cil work­ers lack peo­ple skills. They seem to have a knack for in­flam­ing sit­u­a­tions. It’s true. You get a whole new in­sight into peo­ple’s in­ter­ac­tion with each other (on The En­forcers). One guy (park­ing in­spec­tor) had his wheels slashed by an irate per­son to whom he gave a ticket. He couldn’t un­der­stand why. Bizarre. You’ve ex­celled as an ac­tor and a writer. What projects do you have com­ing up next year? A cou­ple of flicks and a play will take up most of the year. I have to write an­other book as well. Some­one’s also asked me to write a script. I’mjust mak­ing my mind up about that. I wrote a cou­ple of scripts for Blue Heel­ers and the pro­duc­ers ac­cused me of try­ing to sab­o­tage the show. The En­forcers, Chan­nel 9, Sun­day, 6.30pm

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