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ONE of my favourite ever plot de­vices is where the par­ents go away for the week­end and the kids have a party. Old, crusty, com­pletely re­li­able as a form of en­ter­tain­ment. So when Jerry and Theresa Russo head to Con­necti­cut for their an­niver­sary (Jerry has the date wrong, Theresa hasn’t told him yet be­cause she plans to get an­other week­end out of him when their real an­niver­sary comes around next month) the taxi’s barely out of the street be­fore the kids are send­ing out the in­vi­ta­tions.

The mother’s on to them though. Bye kids, don’t try to pull any­thing on me like I’m pulling on him. But then Alex — Se­lena Gomez— sees a wolf on tele­vi­sion and all plans are off. She must find this wolf. You re­alise the Russo fam­ily can do magic? More im­por­tantly, if Mum and Dad find out Alex and Max got eaten by a wolf, guess who’s grounded? Me, says Justin.

So. This wolf might or might not also be Ma­son, Alex’s True Love she’s been search­ing for and see­ing ev­ery­where. To the point where the oth­ers semiridicule her. Poor Alex. It must be hard be­ing in love with an an­i­mal. Four-legged an­i­mal. I

Party time: Se­lena Gomez is Alex. thought Ma­son was the fam­ily dog but ap­par­ently he re­ally is a wolf who was once a hu­man who had some­thing done to him. A were­wolf, I be­lieve we’d call him if this were a net­work other than Dis­ney.

Ma­son’s last name is Grey­beck, which is also the were­wolf’s name in Harry Pot­ter. They have a lot of Harry Pot­ter ref­er­ences on this show.

If I was eight, I’d be into Wiz- ards of Waverly Place. Cute, witty, ev­ery­one’s nice-look­ing with a good wardrobe and great hair. Apart from the squir­re­leat­ing hill­bil­lies in this episode. Long story. Not re­ally, this comes in at circa 20 min­utes and I loved that as well. Wizards of Waverly Place Dis­ney Chan­nel, Fox­tel/ Aus­tar, 4.30pm

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