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IAM JUST itch­ing to find my­self in one of those Zac Efron body-switch come­dies. I’d set­tle for Freaky Fri­day or Vice Versa, but 17 Again would be my pick. Mainly be­cause Zac Efron is just so ridicu­lously good look­ing. And yes, I know he’s way too young for me, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t ad­mire the hu­man form. As my mum once said, ‘‘ I may be old, but I still have eyes’’.

Don’t those Amer­i­cans just make high school look so cool?

Ev­ery­one has con­vert­ibles and is ei­ther a foot­baller or a cheer­leader.

Oh and what I wouldn’t give to go to just one home­com­ing prom.

OK, so my real dream is to be crowned Home­com­ing Queen and then go to one of those ul­tra-cool par­ties by the lake where ev­ery­body drinks from those red and blue plas­tic cups.

Pretty Lit­tle Liars is my favourite teen show in a long time. It’s got the whole I Know What You Did Last Sum­mervibe hap­pen­ing, but is also a cross be­tween 90210— the first one, not the shoddy re­boot — and The O.C..

The liars in ques­tion here are four im­pos­si­bly beau­ti­ful teens whose friend Ali­son van­ished a year ago, and turned up dead in episode two.

Just what hap­pened to her, we don’t know. But some­one has it in for the quar­tet and keeps send­ing them in­creas­ingly me­nac­ing text mes­sages, sign­ing them as ‘‘ A’’.

But these ain’t the usual ‘‘ I’ll al­ways love you’’ mes­sages from the grave, these are the nasty, ‘‘ you’re gonna pay, bitches’’ kinda stuff.

Things take a de­cid­edly creepy twist tonight, and not just be­cause one of the four is get­ting it on with her teacher.

Sadly, you know you’re get­ting old when ac­tors you re­mem­ber from the shows of your youth end up as mums in a new teen drama.

This stars both Syd­ney from Mel­rose Place and Piper from Charmed — oh, and a lit­tle Aussie ac­tress called Tam­min Sur­sok, re­mem­ber her? Pretty Lit­tle Liars Go!, 8.30pm

Dreamy: Zac Efron

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