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THE ti­tle of this show kind of gives away the end­ing. Is she gonna die? Well, the pro­gram’s called I Shouldn’t Be Alive— so clearly she still is . . . alive.

It takes away a fair bit of the sus­pense when the sharks start to cir­cle.

This tale of sur­vival be­longs to Cana­dian Melissa Arm­strong and Aussie David Tom­lin­son, who were scuba div­ing in the Solomon Is­lands when, as they say, things went hor­ri­bly wrong.

Re­search­ing an un­der­wa­ter vol­cano, strong cur­rents took them away from the dive boat.

De­spite the best res­cue ef­forts of the crew, the pair was stranded 32km from land for 26 hours. Oh, and in shark­in­fested wa­ters too.

I know most peo­ple are scared of sharks, but I am se­ri­ously ter­ri­fied of them.

I saw Jaws when I was waaaay too young and was so trau­ma­tised, I used to think sharks could swim up through the drain of our fam­ily pool.

I would prac­tice swim­ming as fast as I could (while scream­ing un­der­wa­ter) to the pool steps, which I would sprint up un­til my en­tire body was out of the wa­ter.

I would sim­u­late a shark at­tack for hour af­ter hour dur­ing my school hol­i­days.

Amaz­ingly, this be­hav­iour was not quite enough for my par­ents to send me off for some ther­apy.

Though I did spend 25 years in Ade­laide — where peo­ple ac­tu­ally do get eaten by the preda­tors— so I think I have a valid rea­son for my clearly mad ac­tions.

Per­haps the most dis­turb­ing part of this pro­gram is when Melissa talks about pre­par­ing for death.

‘‘ I’d fought death,’’ she says. ‘‘ This tran­si­tion hap­pens . . . when you’re ac­cept­ing it.’’

She says she hoped the shark would just go for her heart, not take a limb and let her bleed to death.

‘‘ If it is gonna hap­pen, then I want it to hap­pen fast,’’ she says. I Shouldn’t be Alive Chan­nel 7, 8.30pm

Sharks: Div­ing horror

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